Predictions for 2019

In the early days of 2019 begins a mirror repetition of the events of the 1989th. That's what foresee the best political astrologers in their predictions for the new year. Those who remember how the socialist camp collapsed 30 years ago will now have a sense of déjàvue because they will witness the same disintegration, only the Western one. The events will be puzzling and will start the new world order, which will be a reality by the end of 2020, "Flagman" writes.
Its political astrological predictions for the 2019th are already published by the Ukrainian Konstantin Daragan and the Russians Svetlana Dragan and Mihail Levin. They are followers of the Mundane astrology, which is considered the most accurate and the most secure chance of realization of political predictions.
Here are the main points of their predictions.
The most important events will happen in France, the UK, Germany and United States, and that is exactly the sequence. 
After a brief breath of air for Emanuel Macron with seemingly subsided protests, astrologers expect a new strong revolutionary wave in this country in January, but mostly in the second half of February. In the meantime, the demands of the street will now cover the whole political structure of the state, not just the prices of gasoline and commodities. The three are unanimous that the protests will lead to a time when "France will declare a new independence", but they differ in how this process is going to happen.
Constantin Daragan's forecast is that France will first move through "transforming former liberal democracy into a new country dominated by nationalistic and right-wing views," and those who are unwilling to obey the EU and the Rothschild family (as Emanuel Macron worked in the Bank of Rothschild, many believe he was their pawn). The expulsion of former ruling liberals from power will go like a wave across Western Europe, and the process will intensify especially during and after the European elections, Daragan writes. 
According to Svetlana Dragan, who also envisages a revolution in France, it is likely to be headed by Macron himself. "This is a variant in which, unexpectedly for all, Macron suddenly announces that he breaks with his former masters who have put him in power and leads France to independence. This moment of the moment sounds a bit odd, but the point of irreversibility for France in the first half of the 2019 is quite clear. Or Macron will assume the role of Robespierre and lead the revolution, or it will be swept away by it. Even I would hardly believe it myself. But the astrological map of France is clear - this country declares independence. "
Michael Levin also describes France as a bastion of popular dissatisfaction. In its background, all other protests and conflicts in the rest of the world will pale. "The axis of the conflicts will cut off, as an ax, two countries - France and the UK. But the most impressive will happen in France, "says Levin.
Britain is waiting for her to break down - in a direct and transitory sense. 
Konstantin Daragan: "This country will be an important news source during the year, which should be clear and without being an astrologer," they are ahead of Brexit. But the astrological map predicts this happening in the worst scenario for the UK. Brexit with loss of power, political crisis, decay and loss of influence. Adding to this is also expected massive, tragic news about the fate of the British crown. "
Svetlana Dragan: "After Makron, Theresa May is another illogical character of a marionette type. It is - and this is clearly seen in a clear-cut way - an instrument placed in complete obedience to those who have put it in charge. She is so subordinate to her that she is ready for the strangest acts, even blindly followed, in order to achieve a lust for her masters. Therefore, in the early months of 2019, she would be ready to agree with everything she was told to do. This country is waiting for a radical change.
The location of the planets in UK astrological map will not leave any of her elite before her. And if what will happen to UK in 2019 will look bad, then 2020 will simply be catastrophic for the UK or what will be left of it. "
Michael Levine: "The axis of power that will sweep the rulers, astrologically exactly passes through 2019 through two capitals - Paris and London. But while the axis passes literally through the center of Paris, London stands slightly out of it. That's because France will black out all the other events. "
Events in Germany
Events in Germany will be turbulent and with severe consequences, say all three astrologers. But only Svetlana Dragan has written a more detailed paragraph specifically dedicated to this country. "She is expecting Germany to have a very unpleasant 2019th year. Unlike France and the UK, the turmoil in Germany will be provoked by internal controversies, not by outside powers. At one point they will be so great that the question of the division of the state of East and West Germany will be raised again. No matter who will tske power after Angela Merkel, Germany is expecting a huge change of the whole structure. It will be painful, and the first signs of this change will be in early 2019. Then events will become dynamic and very dramatic. They will end with a huge change similar to what Germany already experienced with its reunification 30 years ago.  
Its astrological map clearly shows that after 2019, in the first months of 2020, the former Germany no longer exists, and in its place there will be an entirely new country. "
The single European Union is over.
Konstantin Daragan: "Attempts to reactivate the EU, like some new Frankenstein, will end officially in 2019.
The "single West," as a political reality, will cease to exist, with the process of decay going through the next three years, and Europe will be fragmented.
The European Union itself will never formally disappear. But within the next three years it will become a hollow structure with no meaning to anyone. It will look like the Commonwealth of Independent States - it's a book, it's missing in practice. "
Michael Levine: "Almost all the governments of the individual countries in the EU next year will oppose the central government in Brussels. The purely astrological picture is very beautiful - we have a full moon that will directly affect this structure because it moves to the peripheral power-central power. But there is no formal closure or official breakdown of this organization on the astrological map. "
The first signals of what will happen in America in 2020 will be released as early as January 2019.
Svetlana Dragan: "In 2020, America is waiting for her the biggest crisis in her history. It will cover everything - ideology, economy, human factor and, of course, governance. On the astrological map, it is clear that this country will be "punished" for its disrespect for historical processes, all-human, and especially, family values. 
In 2019, as the internal environment in this country becomes aggressive, the more aggressive America will be in its foreign policy.
While in 2019 Trump will act boldly in imposing his ideology, at the beginning of 2020 the astrological map shows him alone, with no allies - all his command will abandon him one after another.
But while all the news points to an opposition between the United States and Russia, the astrological map presents another picture - the main conflicts will be with China. For China this will be a very complicated period of its history.
It is clear that America's entire strategy in 2019 will be directed against China. Things will grow so extreme that I would not be surprised if a climate weapon is being used against China. "
Konstantin Daragan: "The political crisis in America will grow tangible, but everything will reach its peak in 2020. It is very strange now to read analysts who foresee trouble-free re-election of Trump in the next presidential election. 
From an astrological point of view, everything looks exactly the opposite - the crisis will reach unimaginable dimensions, literally up to the psychiatric phase. In 2018 this country passed its point of irreversibility, so the question is no longer what will happen there, and what will be the specific details before the upcoming event.
In summary, throughout the year 2019, the United States will lose its global influence.
We are talking about changing the historical era that America and Western Europe began in 1840-60. It will change the current world powers, will change even the look of the world we have been accustomed to since birth. Changes will be unusual and will happen in the next three years. "
Difficult years for Russia are predicted by all three astrologers.
Michael Levin: "Even if they want, President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev will not be able to change anything in Russia except the usual things - if money is needed, taxes will be raised for the poor, but the rich will not be affected.
There are clerical guards in Russia who do not want changes and will resist them at the cost of everything. Astrologically, it appears that this clerical guards are actually in charge of the country, and the present state of affairs fully satisfies them. 
The situation in Russia is now reminiscent of the times of the Russian Empire, when both Ekaterina the Great, Alexander and Nikolay I, was aware that they had to cancel the fortress, but they did not do so because they were terribly afraid of nobles.
And their own nobles has shown them with the palace coups what they can expect if they make a decision that is in their detriment. The fate of Ana Leopoldovna and Peter III, is indicative of the current rulers in Russia, how can they end their power if they reform the system to the detriment of clerical caste. But power in Russia is based on it - such a structure was created in the state at the beginning of the new century.
Against this background, the authority of the central government in Moscow will quickly fall; speed will be different for the government and the president. The head of state will lose support at a slower pace than the government.
That's why the big changes in Russia will not happen until 2020. "  
Svetlana Dragan: "While foreign-oriented Russia will remain sustainable and its authority will increase, Putin will face more and more complications within the country.
The upcoming year will be a dangerous time for him. His power will be put to the test, and many of his ideas in domestic politics may not be at all possible. This will add to the usual external pressures, especially when the current opposition between America and China has entered a hot phase. "
Konstantin Daragan: "Russia will receive several unpleasant blows in the 2019s and 2020s, both externally and internally. Even though it can handle most of them, it will be a good example of how the world is boiling outside, it is not good to shake the boat from the inside. 
Relations with America will worsen even further, which will lead to the official termination of more contracts and agreements. Even leaving a large international organization scandal. But as the European Union is going to collapse in the meantime, Russia will use it to make up for losses through bilateral treaties with individual countries. "
Outside the countries where important events will take place in 2019, the three astrologers point to a few more, which will also fill news stories - Turkey, where President Erdogan will embark on a dangerous military adventure that can turn against him. All this will be accompanied by strong protest passions within the country. Kazakhstan and Belarus are emerging to be the next, after Ukraine, risky countries with political decay or maddening passions.
A complicated situation will develop around Israel that will remain alone against everyone.