Deunov: Bulgaria's second Jerusalem

Deunov: Bulgaria's second JerusalemThere are countless predictions made by more enlightened people. Some of them have not been confirmed and waiting for their time if they
are true and others for which we may conclude that they already happened. Peter Deunov (White Brotherhood, Bulgaria) has emphasized in his
thousands of sermons and what awaits not only Bulgaria but the whole human race. Deunov predicts that nations will sign a new
agreement on mutual assistance, association and peaceful brotherhood by the council, which will prepare, it will be held in Sofia. The Teacher
even prophesied that Bulgaria will become the second Jerusalem, and that the new book of spiritual commandments and principles, the new
Bible in which we will live, will be first written in Bulgarian.

Peter Dunov is one of the great prophets and spiritual people of history. Called from his followers Master or Beinsa Duno, according to some
sources etymology the name has Sanskrit roots. Translating - the one who brings the good word through.
Deunov philosopher, founder of the religious-philosophical teachings. Born on July 11, 1864 in the nearby village Hadarcha today Nikolaevka. He
is the third child of the first Bulgarian priest in Varna Konstantin Deunovski and Dobra Georgieva. His maternal grandfather was Chorbadji
Atanas Georgiev, Bulgarian Revival fighter for church independence.
In 1872, Peter Dunov entered the Bulgarian primary school in the village Hadarcha and after the Liberation (1878) ends and Men's Grammar School in Varna. Since the autumn of 1887 until the summer of 1888 he is a teacher in Rousse, village Hotantsa. That same year he moved to the USA where he is a student first at the Methodist Theological Seminary Drew in Madison, and then at the Faculty of Theology at Boston University. One year attend classes in the Faculty of Medicine, from where he received a certificate for medic.
In 1895 Peter Dunov returned to Bulgaria, he settled in Varna and refused offers to become a Methodist preacher. A year later, he published "Science and Education", which analyzes the path of human drama in the world and talk about the basics of a new culture, which is to occur in the coming century.

Teachings of Peter Dunov was called danovizam - combining Christianity and the mystical Eastern religions. He created and Universal White Brotherhood.
The basis of the doctrine Dunov standing belief in reincarnation. Deunov even believed that he was the reborn spirit of Jesus, who dwell in different people at a time in 2000 years to prepare the minds of the people for the new sixth race.
According Deunov facing humanity stands passage through six stages of development, each stage creates parallel civilizations. From all these civilizations only one of them will be able to lay the foundations of the next group. For the Master, as called Deunov, the next step is reserved for Christianity. That is why his teaching is so popular among Christians.
According to Dunov in Rila maintain has a strong source of cosmic energy and that is why to this day there are held annual gatherings of followers. For him the reincarnation of the soul is necessary for its growth and evolution, because only in this way rational human being acquires the experience that is needed and develop the necessary knowledge and skills.
Dunov said: to be reborn, actually means you to start again for the work that you left. This is the path that will eventually be achieved the ultimate goal of human existence, the merger with Absolute and return to the starting point of spiritual development, but only after the highest possible turn of the helix. The Teacher adds that man exists not only on Earth, and not only in the solar system. People inhabit the whole starry universe, all planets and suns, and many human beings in other universes are far more advanced than us.

Deunov believes that the greatest human value is the single life. Man builds his own happiness or vice versa - unhappiness. People are subservient to the law of reincarnation, going from one to another life to perfection. The meaning of life of a man who goes through various incarnations, is the realization of superior intelligence, the development of abilities to another level, exemption from the restrictions of the lower form of existence.
Deunov talked about the death as a way of screening, and on the other side is the life of immortality. Whoever cannot go there, remains in life limitations. He also believes that after the death the sinner remains sinner, unless he goes to the other side. This means he has to start thinking. The mind can change human nature. He is immortal beginning.
In the words of the Master, after death man do not evolved. For this to happen, man must be born again. He talks about the super-consciousness, which as soon as it awakes in man, he will not be scared from the Death. A negative thoughts brings the Death. Also he said that when love leaves the heart, a person is exposed to death.
Dunov believes that after the person leaves the body, he already has another invisible, transparent body - consciousness. For the conscious person has no death. The Teacher believes that when a man dies, he enters the others bodies and continues from where it left off. According to him it`s bad, when death is premature, because you can not get free yourself, before you live your contract that you have with Earth.
The most incredible death among prominent Bulgarians is this of Deunov. Followers of the healer and mystic claim that he himself stopped his heart. The reason was communism, which took root in the country.
"Deunov followers do not recognize the medicine, although Deunov himself had graduated in medicine. They denied drugs, but acknowledged extremely healing through herbs, diet life, living in nature and exercise. The most rapid effect is obtained in people with upset nervous system and mental illness. Widespread legend is that such people Deunov treated with only his right hand on their forehead, " quoted from Raina Kostentseva contemporaries.
For Bulgaria Deunov predicts that will be stored as a single country. It will play an important role in a better world tomorrow, connected with the rise of nations similar to us as Russian. Deunov often reminded that the Slavs as a community embody generosity, self-sacrifice, brotherhood and love, and specifically Bulgarians will symbolically in this spiritualunity. Bulgarians as a nation will have a crucial role in initiating major projects are active and leading force in their realization.
Teachings of Peter Deunov combines elements of wisdom and the East and the West. Wisdom that was collected for many years.
From the spiritual East to nowdays reach the wording of the great laws of the cosmos, karma and reincarnation.
The spiritual evolution of humans is carried out precisely under the laws of reincarnation and karma. Rebirth of man enabling him to successfully solve tasks that put his karma, and thus to get rid of karmic commitments. According to The Master what people call fate, its really karma. Fate is karma, which owns the causes and effects that we ourselves create. The word "karma" is there Sanskrit origin. Means "action"
Dеunov believes that karma can be changed dramatically based on sincere repentance and subsequent cases of scavenging consciousness. If somehow we resist the karma, it would only worsen our current situation. What is meant to happen to someone, it would happen. And if we accept the evil that happens to us, wisely, then inevitably good will come out of it. That's why all great spiritual teachers advise to accept life gratefully and to make sense of what happens to us.
The effect of karma appears as a link between past, present and future. Past actions are designed at present. According to Deunov karma is a task given to man that he must complete correctly. Human life is so arranged that for each case people receive their reward according to the value it has. Excessive love is harmful.
Teacher Deunov has delivered countless lectures on various aspects of human life. One of them is dedicated to the love which gives invaluable advice for harmonious and complete emotional connection. Here is what he says: "Thought is capable of controlling. If you too much love a person and constantly think about it, you caused them a harm. This makes them uneasy. Love means to calm the people around you and to want only the best for them. "
Here are the most popular advice of Deunov for the love:
- When you want to be loved you should not be in doubt. If you want to love, do not to be afraid.
- Know that love which can not withstand the trials in life is not real love. And do not regret it.
- It is wrong to fear from the falsehood in love. Love is not afraid of lies. Sun is one for all, although some do commit crimes.

- When you love, you must be ready for something more than sacrifice. The sacrifice itself is only a law for the redemption of our sins. Love requires more.
- You must be willing to sacrifice everything in the world of love. And in all controversies you should see the beautiful and the good.
- if you have love in you, wherever you go, you will be accepted with open arms. You are filled with peace, joy and mirth.
According to Deunov the water as the main ingredient in the body is very important. The first council of the Master is fever cure - drink 3 cups of hot water without food. Those who want to keep their body alive when aging, should have an active life. This means a person should not overeat and drink hot water. It helps to dissolve the precipitate formed from the food. Also, hot water mixed with castor oil will help constipated stomach.
In excitement and nervousness, however, Dunov's advise is to take a cold shower. Water releases the wrath of the human body. For those who want to deal with their anger take up to 6 cold shower annually - this will balance the forces in their body.
Salt water is perfect healing remedy for fever. A few drops of warm water with a little salt in the nose, a few drops in a row intersect runny nose instantly.
For those suffering from insomnia, the advice is to wipe your body with a cloth dipped in warm water, and then to bed. This erases the negative energy, which prevents sleep.
One of the prophecies of Dunov leads precisely to Syria. "It will be a civil war that will be fought 20 years on air, water, as well as bombs. New York will suffer from missiles with atomic charge. The French will drop missiles on main arabic places. When the terorist group start to invade Switzerland, they will be overwhelmed by raging waters and the group leader, who now lives in Syria, will perish with the army and the war will be over. Then an era of peaceful development will come for all people. "
Dunov prophesied even exact number of victims - 50 million people. According to him, any Third World is even possible successor - the fourth global confrontation that would have taken 550 million lives.
Back in 1935 Dunov predicts that Europe will unite politically and european countries borders will diminish. At the beginning of World War II it did indicate that this new alliance will be similar to the US and called United States of Europe.