Bulgarian Phenomenon Slava Sevrukova

Slava SewrukovaThis is the biography of Slava Sevryukova, based on materials from the Internet: she was born in Nova Zagora. At the age of 16 years she got married to the whiteguard immigrant Stepan Sevryukov, a Ukrainian from Kharkiv, who was badly wounded in the leg. A lengthy treatment was administered at the infirmary at the renovated former Turkish barracks, located a few meters from Slava's house. A charitable younf woman gave free care to the wounded, including to her future husband.
Slava anticipated that he would not accept her super sensible abilities, so she hid from him her clairvoyant pursuits. All in her environment revere her. Stepan was terribly jealous. The family moved around the country and finally settled in the capital, near today's suburb of Ovcha Kupel.
Slava and Master Peter Deunov knew each other, interacted and exchanged useful information. The teacher appreciated her, and supported her noble mission, warning him of difficulties. They met often. Slava was visited by followers of Dunov - Boyan Boev and Lubomir Lulchev, secret advisors to Tsar Boris III.
After September 9, 1944 power was "taken from the people" and Slava Sevryukova again began difficult years. No one saw bad behaviour from her. There were no grounds for repression by the government. Impressed with her amazing insights, "guests" surreptitiously shoved lev (Bulgarian currency) under her pillow. Slava was repeatedly warned many times by "to suspend her suspicious activity." But more often, the then militia (police) started to visit her, as well as members of diplomatic missions, ambassadors and consuls. All were impressed, and then they brought their wives.
After the coup of November 10, 1989, her name finally rose in home newspapers. She gave interviews and on National Television which broadcasted two popular science films about her. In the last year of her life the Sofia prophet Slava Sevrukova appeared out of the shadows of obscurity.

The most popular books on the phenomenon Slava Sevryukova are from the writer from Plovdiv,  Hristo Nanev. The quotes below are from his first two books; in essence they are mostly prophecies. Slava Sevrukova answered questions as part of the dialogue she conducted, mostly with Professor Ivo Lozenski, her longtime collaborator. In the books of Hristo Nanev, of course, there is much more information - philosophy, insights, historical explanations and even a whole cosmogony. Here are their titles:

1. "Be in this world but not of this world" (2005)
2. "Insights" (2006)
3. "Zenica to the Universe" (2007)

(Slava Sevryukova in her work)
"What I developed now, will not be soon evaluated. It will happen no earlier than fifty years from now, in the twenty-first century. In multiple ways, scientific knowledge will expand. Even the staunchest opponents of Psychotrohrcs will acknowledge the facts. "

(For the Universe and its rhythmic expansion and contraction).
The Universe was established in its basic form, once and for all. It vibrates, shrinks and expands like a breathing creature. The thing, that Hubble talks about, its like anoptical effect. He caught part of the whole. He correctly solved and described the extension - a component of the pulsating Universe. He could not achieve and document compression. There is enough time for this to happen. Victim of deception, eminent physicist and astronomer (Hubble) accepts episodic for final and eternally. He made an incorrect conclusion - this process was the result of a primary creative explosion. He was close to the truth, but it is not like that. The universe was created in an instant. This is what I call the primary Creation.

After years will be found - there is initial form. The building matter gradually transformes. Macro world with all its components is changing. Space is constantly swirling/rotary motion - mega galaxies, galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, supernova and faded stars, planets .... The error of this scientist will be adjusted. Further, others will discover - endless Cosmos has begun to shrink. That does not mean it will fit in the super condensed ball, as other scientists speculate. The Universe is perpetual motion. Pulsate like a living organism. The Universe is not only alive and also is reasonable. Evolving - galaxies, supernovas, planets, moons, asteroids are being born and developed. They ruin and "die." Universe is eternal and indestructible, because she "lives" and life is endless ...

- How long our sun will shine?
- Do not worry, millions and millions of years it will send fertile light, warmth and love.
- Will there be a destruction of the Universe and return to primordial chaos?
- No, do not ask about liquidation of the world. With evolution will occur gradual transformation and upliftment of the Reason.

People should strive to lofty thoughts and deeds. Remember - we are benefiting with Power. Incomparable, divine! Power of thought. But not everyone use it sincerely without harm to others and ourselves. Even less so for good. Especially in the political elite. So among the human race there will be coming a great sieving ...