How to Remove Negative Energy

Are you getting tired quickly feel irritable? Is the home atmosphere is getting worse and you are unable to concentrate? Medics have many explanations for this, but one possibility is your home just is saturated with negative energy. The longer stay in a house where energy is negative, impacts the residents. But where did it come from? According to experts, the energy of the home is determined by various factors. Among the key is the place where the dwelling is located, where the windows look, arrangement of furniture and old items that accumulate in the corner that you are always wanting to clean. Negative energy can be imported from the outside. All emotions in our home are absorbed by the walls, which they broadcast them in small portions back to us. The stagnant energy at home can be unfavorable too. It can lead to stagnation in your own life.
Here are some reasons at home that lead to accumulating stagnant energy. You can see unfinished construction outside your window. Nearby cemetery - whether of people or pets. The house was not inhabited long after the death of the last person who lived there. Or just the house is full of old lumber and pictures of dead people.
To protect your home from negative energy, we must first determine what its sources are. Here's what you should pay attention: When you come home, you feel oppressed and defenseless. You haven’t had a quest for a long time. Home appliances are broken or breaking constantly.
Furniture and doors creak without reason. It is assumed that these are clear indications of negative energy at home against which you should take action. One method to find out where are the places with bad energy are is to take a candle with you and tour the house. Particular attention should be paid to the corners and dark areas. If the candle fades close to an object, then it can be a hidden source of negative energy.
Feng shui has some recommendations on how to clean your home from the negative energy. First you need to get rid of old and unneeded items. Objects that lie for years in cupboards and wardrobes are absorbed a lot of negative energy and possess dangerous for people aura. This also applies to the paintings in your home. Pay attention to the mirrors in the house. They are seen as gateways to the afterlife. Not surprisingly, the belief is that when home has died, the mirrors must be covered with a sheet or towel. Do not let your home have cracked or broken mirrors. Clear the windows and mirrors with a damp cloth nine times by making a circular motion clockwise. Cups, plates and dishes in general also may be receptacles of negative energy.
Free your home from all the cups that you don’t like to drink from. Cracked pots and pans should follow the fate of the broken mirror - right into the dustbin. Negative energy also have books on esoteric topics. Open the windows and clear all ash from the room in which there is negative energy. When cleaning, pay particular attention to areas around doors and windows, where usually accumulates the most negative energy.
Arrange the furniture as you see fit, but remember - the bed should not be facing west, because this is the direction they lay the dead in the grave. It is desirable bed to face north or east. Before you put the flooring, sprinkle salt on the already clean floor, it absorbs negative emissions. Domestic animals, especially cats, have the ability to absorb negative energy from the guests. We all know how the cat know where the pain is and lies right on it. This, however, may not be you or someone from the family, but external person who gave the negative energy to the animal. So if your guests are in contact with the pet, give it bath once they leave. It is also known that animals choose to sleep on the places with the most favorable energy. So before you apply at home, let the cat to "choose" the place of the bed or your favorite chair. Experts advise also not to hang icons of Saints hermits. Keep prominently horseshoe somewhere, which normally radiates positive energy.
There are also some herbs and plants that are able to protect you from bad energy. These include thyme, basil, bay leaf, barley, anise, caraway, fennel, fern, eucalyptus, chamomile, cloves, garlic, ginseng, frankincense, rosemary, cinnamon, aloe.
Place these herbs in various containers and keep them in different places in your home periodically change them a month or two.
Put the herbs in your car on the road. You can also use sea salt, which is a great neutralizer. You can throw away the negative energy from yourself by adding lavender or eucalyptus in your bathtub. Bring in your pocket quartz crystal - it will absorb negative energy. During the night put a glass of water next to your bed - it will protect you while you sleep. In the morning dispose of it in the sink and fill the cup again tonight.