Crystals for success

For those of you who have a baby at home: when you want to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere for your baby, you should not only choose the right colors for the room, it will be good to put a piece of selenite nearby. This is a stone with high vibration, which can direct a large flow of light. Babies respond to the energy of the stone because they are clean and have the same high vibration energy.
When you have to take risks: everyone sooner or later makes a change in his life. Any change brings more or fewer risks with it. For all risky moments, keep lace agate nearby. This is an incredibly beautiful stone. Wear it as an accessory, have fun and look for adventure.
If you want a change in your performance or you may have already received it and your career has taken a new step, you need a green adventurer. It will encourage creativity in you, will help you focus and clear your mind. Green adventurer brings potential alternatives to all situations, helping you to walk the right path.
When work is not going well:
Everyone has moments when routine takes over and ideas are exhausted. Take a small piece of amethyst and lie down comfortably. Put it in the area of the third eye (located between the eyebrows). The stone will help you achieve a good self-assessment of what you have achieved at this stage in your work.
Close your eyes and inhale and exhale deeply. Clear your mind and then ask "What is the next step that I have to take in my work?". Listen to your inner voice. The first time will not be easy, but every time you feel the need, do this meditation with the stone.
If you have health problems: if you feel bad, but you do not know what the problem is, or you have some ideas but can not find a way to help yourself, you need the healing power of Shungites stones . It has the ability to detect imbalances and to neutralize them. Studies show that there is a detoxifying effect on the body.
When you are tense: there are many stones that can eliminate anxiety, but one of them is black tourmaline. Easily located, it is cheap and you can wear it as a jewel.
If you constantly feel like you are without power: the best stone for positive energy is citron, a beautiful yellow stone the color of the sun, which has a strong vibration. Wear it as a jewel even in those moments when you feel full of energy.
When you are moving to a new location or frequently travel: for those of you who travel frequently or have changed their place of residence, it is recommended that you use tiger's eye. This is the stone that will help you feel focused and clear headed. Tiger's eye works with the chakra root and helps you to feel firmly on the ground.