How to attract a lot of money

There are many superstitions about the necessity of attracting money and many ways to achieve this goal. There is a British proverb that says: "Whoever has money problems, you should put a spider in your pocket which wove a network and the
money will stay longer." We do strum with coins when we hear the sound of the first cuckoo in spring. We believe in increasing the fortune, if you show money to a young rising moon.
Moreover, there are some rules that you should observe.
1. Coins and banknotes is better to take with the left hand and return with the right.
2. You should not lend money on Monday and Sunday, because you will not be able to return them.
3. Worst day of the week to return money back is Monday. If you do, you will never have money.
4. Best time to give money is the morning.
5. We must not give banknotes unfolded, its better denomination be folded in two.
6. You should not give anything to strangers over the threshold of the house, especially after sunset.
7. In order for mooney not to be displaced or washed from home, you must be clean only during the day.
8. If money fell out of your bag, it is best to collect them with the right hand.
9. To achieve financial well-being in your new home, you have to sprinkle the floor with silver coins.
10. Should always keep a few banknotes under the table cloth.
11. If you want to give alms to a beggar on the street, you have to say to yourself: "Those who give shall not become poor".
12. You must not look in the persoin's eyes when you give them money.
13. You can make a savings box where you can collect money divisible by 10..
14. You should not lift coins off the floor.
15. Make your own money tree home, which according to the beliefs of feng shui brings money, when jingeling with coins.
16. Each symbol of wealth should be kept in the southeastern corner of the living room. This angle favors "wealth".
17. It is best to store your money in red envelopes. You can even draw on them to characters meaning "prosperity" or simple tree.
18. Should always have some money in your wallet.
19. The money that are found do not bring happiness and therefore you should not keep them in your wallet. Give them to the needy or immediately spend them.
20. Whatever happens, you must believe that you are worthy of the money and they will necessarily come to you.