If you accidentally spill wine, it portends a good thing.
Spilling water portends good events.
If the door of the house makes a creaking sound by itself, some of those living in the house will die.
When you hear thunder for the first time in years, it is recommended to lightly touch your pockets, so they always will be full.
Thunder in winter predicts an unhealthy year.
If thunder occurs on a clear day, rain will come soon. 
If someone goes under a rainbow, his sex will change.
If a rainbow appears after rain, the weather will be fine.
If a rainbow appears when it rains, the rain will stop soon.
If the red color prevails in the rainbow, it is a sign that there will be bloodshed or fire.
If it rains quite heavily and drops become bubbles in puddles, rain will be extended. If rain bubbles burst suddenly, without cause, the rain will stop soon.
If rain begins with big drops, it will soon stop.
A tailed star is a sign - it predicts that something very bad will happen to people: disease, poverty and hunger will increase , there will be bad times - war, devastation, pogroms.
If the stars shine at night with a clear sky  and flicker heavily in the morning, the weather will deteriorate.
If some stars have white or red circles, the weather will be nice.
Blushing or "whistling"
If a boy's or girl's face becomes bright red, someone you love mentioned you at this moment.
If a person's ears 'burn', someone is talking about that person.
If of someone ears "ringing":
- Right ear - this means that it is about a happy experience and is recognized by others;
- Left ear - means you will receive bad news.
If coffee is spilled something bad will happens.
If, when pouring coffee into a cup a bubble is formed, the person who has the cup of coffee has enemies.
If a person sneezes, it is not good - you can get sick. However, this will not happen, if someone says "Cheers!"
If someone sneezes, he can say "If you mention so and so, you will sneeze again." If you sneeze once again it will be clear that it refers to the person you just mentioned.
If a sick person sneezes, he / she will soon recover.
The pale color of the moon heralds rain; a clean and bright moon shows clearly weather; a reddish moon portends strong wind and storm.
A new moon is good to start new work - it will proceed successfully.
If the new moon touches your pocket, your pocket will be full of money throughout the month.
A full and clear moon in the winter spells cold in the summer - and good weather.
During a full moon do nothing and especially do not to begin a new job, as it will not run successfully.
If around the moon there appears a circle, the weather will deteriorate; however, sometimes it is the precursor of drought.
If the table is placed on it more than the required number of spoons, it is likely that during the meal a guest will come.
A person or domestic animal should not be beaten with a broom, as they will die.
It is a poor idea to clean your clothes with a broom or to cross the broom.
The meter should never be placed on a bed, because the one who sleeps on it will die.
If the sky is red, the weather will be windy and may deteriorate.
If you play with knife, you will fight with someone.
Breaking a mirror is a bad omen and often it means that someone from home will die.
If children play with fire they will not stop wetting their bed during sleep.
If the smoke falls below the chimney, the weather will become worse.
If the fire roars, the people in the house will quarrel.
Two people should not simultaneously build a fire, as they will quarrel.
If someone wears a ring on their middle finger, his / her mother will die.

If brandy is spilled, this can mean a recent altercation. It may also mean that deceased relatives or friends want to drink much.
It is worse is when a person walks shirtless - it portends poverty.
If two people give their soap by hand, they will quarrel. So one leaves the soap on something, and the other takes it from there.
If night-time flash and without rain, long periods without rain. Distant lightning also predict drought.
If a child was born before sunrise, will be lucky, if born during sunset will be a loser.
If someone pee in the direction of the sun, he will not marry.
If the sun comes up bloody, it is a bad harbinger.
If the sun is shining in the morning, the same day it will rain heavy rain.
It is better to wash your face with the first snow, then it will be healthy and vigorous, "white and ruddy."
If it snows after cooling, time will soften.
If the snow in winter is thick, the year will be fruitful, "thick snow - thick hunk".

Will have a good meeting if you meet:
- A man with full hands,
- If the man wearing nothing but his waving hands
- Gypsy - this predicts a great gain,
- Chimney sweep.
Bad date if you meet:
- Man with empty - hands, utensils, etc.
- Priest
- Man with folded hands.
A Chair
If the boy (or girl) is sitting on a chair and getting up in his/her chair fall, his future wife/husband will be drunk.
- Left hand palm - will take money;
- Right hand palm - will give money;
- Nose - will be angry about something a the day before.
Meeting a man who carries baked bread is very good omen.
If you like to eat the middle of the bread, his/her children will be girls, and if you like the crust, his/her children will be boys.
If you forget to burn the bread in the oven, it is the curse of death of relatives in the home. /
When one sobbing, someone speaks against it - you know who he is, hiccups will stop.
Leaving open umbrella in the room is a bad omen.
Miss a cup, but it does not break soon your husband (or wife) will cheat on you with a good friend.
Egg with two egg yolks should not be eaten, because trouble will happen.