Love Reading according to Date of Birth

You can understand what kind of a person you are in your love with from your date of birth.
Find out which is the perfect mate for you.

Born on the 1st are leaders who are looking for partners, willing to obey and satisfy their personal needs. They are socially active and ambitious, that's why their spouse should not be mediocre, but strong, attractive, even eclectic in tastes and abilities. Otherwise, these leaders will feel frustrated and lose interest. In sex and love they tend to be selfish - because they themselves are most important! They are well understood by those born on the 3rd, 6th, 4th and 8th.

Those born on 2nd have an emotional nature. They seek security and spiritual closeness.
They are loyal and dedicated partners if you earn their trust.
Those born on 2nd are involved in the problems of their chosen ones, always willing to help and take care of the other. But they are touchy, difficult to forgive betrayal and even harder to forget it!
Sex for them is the culmination of feelings and their secure personality is accompanied with a lot of imagination and tenderness.
Marriage is successful only if you find a "spiritual" mate in life.

Those born on the 3rd often are "flirts" and look "available" but they find it difficult to accept someone truly in their hearts.
They like variety, challenges and interesting conversations.
They can exaggerate their feelings and experiences to give them "more color".
In sex they present differently; they can surprise the other with claims or actions.
Their partner should complement them or serve only as background.

Those born on 4th are conservative and straightforward. and keep traditions and family values.
If they fall in love truly, it is usually forever. They can be true. But they are jealous, demanding, often disgruntled and grumbling.
In the sex they have an average sexual appetite, but "experiment" and they can act pretty exciting.

Those born on the 5th are naturally intelligent and their chosen partner must be sufficiently witty and interesting.
They love money very much, so your most attractive quality remains your ability to make money.
They feel best when their partner is rich. Appearance is not as important.
In sex they monitor the needs of the other, ready to satisfy his/her desires as long as it brings them some personal benefit.

Those born on the 6th need to keep the beauty and harmony in all their manifestations.
It does matter what they look like in the eyes of others, so long as they pay particular attention to their appearance and look for their partner to ensure their good social environment.
They are people who more easily earn the sympathy of the opposite sex.
When they commit they are romantic, emotional and faithful.
In sex, it is important for them how their partner feels and usually they are good lovers.

Those born on the 7th stand out with exquisite manners and their feelings show a "philosophical" imprint. They tend to idealize their partner according to their own expectations, but this is often a cause for disappointment.
They love to dream and they do not show their true feelings and despite their gentle appearance can surprise their partner with twists and turns in their behavior.
They are capable of sacrifices and so themselves become "victims" of those they love.
In sex they are gentle, with great imagination and fantasies. 

Those born on the 8th are patient, straightforward and responsible individuals who can usually be trusted.
Often they manifest as "reserved" but yearn for great love. They fight for the happiness of their family, and others may misuse that capacity.
Sex is important for them, but not decisive. Their partner should be able to predispose them to exert more efforts to fully indulge and experience satisfaction.

Those born on the 9th are passionate people who, if they like someone, they show spontaneous and sincere emotions, direct and without tricks.
They can be irritable, and believe that "things will get better by themselves" and are willing to experiment.
They confuse strong passions with love and divorce in is not rare.
Their partner must constantly give them evidence that they are liked and respected, otherwise "their fire slowly dies."

Those born on the 10th are leaders by nature and symbolize love and hate, the vicissitudes of fate, dictated by strong will and extremes emotions.
Their partner must continually comply with their wishes and be willing to obey.
Those born on this date are with big sexual appetites. 

Those born on 11th have conflicting personalities, combining sex drive, strong passions and great shyness, while at the same time having difficulties in expressing feelings and respectively - erotic fantasies.
They need a loyal partner to balance their lives, to bring harmony in their soul.
Faithful and sincere, they do not tolerate betrayal, but constantly face the challenge from others.
This is the number challenge!

Those born on 12th have a light and easy going nature, but that number is karmic and they are often forced to sacrifice their personal goals for the ambitions of their loved ones. Furthermore, they attract incorrect and hypocritical people and it is appropriate to open their eyes before they trust someone.
They are looking for a mate in life who is their equal.
As a rule, they are generous and dedicated in their feelings and in their material plan.
In sex they love to experiment. For them it is important firstly that their partner to be satisfied.

Those born on the 13th should be protected  from sudden changes in their personal life, because often they are accompanied by twists. If they approached new things carefully and slowly, then the chance to protect themselves from distractions and trouble will increase.
Anyway they are experiencing complicated sexual experiences, difficulties of a different nature in intimacy.
Their feelings are "filtered" by reason and they are looking for a partner to provide them with guardianship.
They need a "nudge".

Those born on 14th possess special magnetism and charm when they are interacting with others.
They easily gain sympathy and trust.
They need change and constant incentives to preserve their feelings.
They are looking for a partner who is intelligent and ambitious.
It is difficult for them to love if the other side is not rich!
More interesting for them is flirting rather than actual physical proximity.

Those born on 15th are endowed with immense charm and ability to influence others.
Nothing human is strange to their experience and they feel diverse but strong material, spiritual and sexual desires.
When you ask for something, as the saying goes, "The end justifies the means."
For them, social prestige is important, so that their nominee should provide it.
In sex they are romantic and dedicated, good lovers!

Those born on the 16th are at risk of twists and to slow this trend it is imperative for them to work on their own strong ego, to listen and therefore learn to "hear" the wishes of their mate!
As a rule, they are capable of love, but it is difficult to stay with the same partner.
In sex, they show enviable fantasy, they are big and gentle lovers.

Those born on 17th usually face some difficulties in their early youth, but then they overcome them thanks to their innate spirituality and philosophical thought.
In love they are true, but not resistant to intrigues.
They are looking for a partner who brings them primarily moral satisfaction and security.
They are very sexual and do not love any prohibitions.

Those born on 18th are frank people, but very rectilinear which is cause for strife or confrontation. Over time, this trend can be overcome according to the individual horoscope.
They have very sensitive natures, requiring continuous evidence of affection.
They are sexual, but are ashamed to express / show their true desires and you can become frustrated.
They are very careful and gentle in love games.

Those born on the 19th almost always achieve their desires and only very complicated personal horoscope can displace this trend.
In their life with others they manifest themselves as dictators and regardless of their commitment, they permanently feel lonely.
It is desirable for them to notice more the needs of their mate because they manifest themselves as selfish.
They are sexually difficult to be satisfied - always something is lacking.

Those born on the 20th are not materialists and they tend to be rather impractical in choosing their partner.
Early marriage is not recommended for these people because at a certain stage of their lives they radically change their views and goals.
They are looking for a mate with whom to experience a special spiritual closeness and sex is secondary.
If you gain their trust become entirely devoted and become unforgettable lovers.

Those born on the 21st usually have a happy and harmonious life, because this is a date of karmic payback and even if there are difficulties they are overcome.
These people know how to balance between dreams and reality, between passion and pragmatism.
They are temperate in love experiences are not too passionate, but compensated it with romance.

Those born on the 22nd should beware of erroneous judgments that confuse their personal life.
Usually they evaluate the risk of betrayal at the last minute or when it`s already late.
They are true partners, but need guardianship or a stronger figure to stabilize them emotionally.
In sex they are pretentious and if there is something they do not like, they quickly lose their desire.

Those born on the 23rd are naturally intelligent and choose a partner that is sufficiently witty and creative, resourceful in life, so as to keep their interest.
First they need to earn respect and then they can afford to fall in love.
Rarely is their approach in their feelings spontaneous. Passion and carnal attraction is a secondary factor to win their heart.
They are loyal when they find their mate.

Those born on the 24th are very sensitive and these people are rarely happy if they haven`t a romantic relationship that excites their heart.
Of paramount importance is the need to be admired and desired, but behind the apparent vanity often lies uncertainty, vulnerability, deep emotion.
They tend to sacrifice to preserve harmony.
They idealize their partner.
In sex they usually have average abilities because they are shy.

Those born on the 25th are far sighted, intuitive and if they listen to their inner voice; they cannot easily be cheated.
However they learn more trough "difficult time experience" and usually their personal lives is happier after 28 years.
Looking for partners who have provided material, on the other hand tend to romance.
In sexually they have strange desires, big fantasy that need to find a suitable outlet to feel satisfied.

Those born on the 26th are complicated and have controversial aspects to their personalities.
Their personal life is also complicated until they harmonize and clarify their personal preferences and expectations of others.
They feel endangered by inadequate partnerships and accordingly feel  disappointments, betrayals.
They are looking for a partner who they can idealize and respond to their romantic notions and material requirements.
In sex they are quite passionate.

Those born on the 27th possess compelling energy and enthusiasm, a certain amount of magic with which they earn other people.
This is a karmic number which promises success, endows people with different talents and respective capabilities.
Only a very bad individual horoscope can change this trend; still, this lucky date will always protect them in difficult times.
Being strong characters, they often attract weaker partners to follow them.
Sexually. they are very active and they do not like to wait.

Those born on the 28th are strong characters, gifted, with many qualities, and on the other side are willing to sacrifice for the sake of others. So they suffer losses not only personally, but even at a purely material level.
When they find a suitable partner, they are usually loyal and dedicated.
They hold the spiritual and physical to be in harmony.
Sex is important to them.

Those born on the 29th are strong characters, but often suffer betrayals in their personal lives. This negative trend can be blunted or softened.
They need a partner to help manage their relationship.
They are very sexual, but are ashamed to express their desires, because they feel they are obscene.
Otherwise, they are able to be dedicated and attached.

Those born on the 30th carefully choose their partner, because for them it is important and material and spiritual, so only a few are allowed close to their heart.
They are generally monogamous, keep the traditions, family, and value their privacy.
They like to dominate their partner and rarely occupy 2nd place in their relationship, both in society and in their personal lives.
Sexually, they are strong and aggressive.

Those born on the 31st are sincere and devoted people who can be trusted.
It is difficult for them to love, but if it does happen, and they are dedicated and loyal.
They tend, however, to feel lonely and isolated, sometimes they alone make their choice in that direction.
Being spiritual seekers with restless natures, their partner must be eclectic, versatile and noble, to comfort them at certain times.
In sex they expect much and are hard to satisfy.