Omens for marriage. Marriage Prediction.

What will be your marriage according months of the marriage

Marriage is an important step of the life of every person. Of course, hardly anyone decides to swear in eternal fidelity, if not completely sure of own feelings. Be aware, however, that there are various factors that affect the "quality" of family life. One of them is undoubtedly the month in which you have signed.
For centuries, there are legends associated with the omen that brings every month of the year. So before you're heading towards civil to retain/arrange the date of your wedding, we suggest you familiarize yourself better with superstitions.

Many young people avoid this cold month, but quite in vain. Aside from the weather, marriage concluded in the first month of the year promises to be a lasting and peaceful.

Unions concluded in February are exposed to trials, especially in the early years. However, if you can pass them as a united family, your marriage life will be successful, albeit modest.

This month, do not conclude marriages, but now few people comply with such prohibitions and beliefs. It is believed that just as weather in March is unsettled, the marriage will have "high and low tides".

The family life of couples married in April will be extremely colorful and interesting. Beliefs stipulate that young family must be "in tune" with the symbols of spring, when everything is reborn and begins a new life. Their love will be strong and lasting, if immediately they begin "from scratch" - in their own home, away from parents.

There are both positive and negative beliefs associated with this month. Indecision as a bad sign will compete with bright and fruitful days that the month brings.

This undoubtedly is the perfect month for marriage. The honeymoon will last a lifetime if newlyweds are careful with their strong feelings and do not allow them to obscure their sober judgment.

It may sound strange, but summer marriages are very similar. The key point is that spouses must immediately clarify their priorities - family, freedom, career or personal well-being.

The hot summer months bodes well for mutual understanding and support between spouses on the one hand and on the other - friendly relations between children and parents. For all this one must thank the Virgin Mary, who is believed to protect the August newlyweds.

The time of collecting the harvest is the best time for marriage according to old Bulgarian beliefs. Your family will enjoy "good harvest" and will only reap success.

Do not expect stability and reliability of this marriage. There are many variations in these unions, difficulties are solved with an infinite amount of family compromises.

Those who want to get rich should marry precisely in November. But aside from the financial side of marriage, you expect stormy passions, recriminations, separations and gatherings.

During Advent, some lovers prefer not to marry. This is a matter of personal judgment and faith, but if you go under the crown in the last month of the year, you will withstand any test and you will create tender feelings for each other.