Women`s Horoscope

The relationship between the day of the month of birth and the personality was discovered in antiquity by the Egyptians and is strikingly accurate. You can see that for yourself. You can see what the personality of a woman will be based on the day that she was born!

1. If among a large crowd only one girl catches your eye and, inexplicably, you cannot escape from this experience, most likely she was born to 1st! She will be an undisputed leader with a very strong will and great self-confidence, but this is however well underpinned.
These women always have super innovative solutions and approaches which in most cases prove quite effective. They are also very energetic. There will be no wasted time and effort on details. They act with a flourish!
In love they often appear colder, but it's only a mask. Inside, their boiling emotions exist, but they do not consider it necessary to disclose them to others.
2. These girls are very emotional and benevolent. They love to socialize and are usually surrounded by true friends. A most valuable feature of their character is their directness and honesty. They will not be entangled intrigues and will not talk behind your back.
Sometimes they suffer from nerves and emotionally explode, but always they have a good reason. You have probably affected their dignity, or accused them unfairly, or you've betrayed them somehow.
In love they often feel lonely, even when they are with others. The reason for this is their romantic, kind and good heart. They have strong and good ideas about love that not every man can deal with.
3. Girls and women born on 3rd have a super praiseworthy quality and that is always to be themselves. You do not expect them to pretend or have hypocritical behavior. Of course they are quite well behaved, and do not confuse education with attitude!
Basically they are likely to be famous. They will develop excellence in show business and journalism. In love, they are gentle and loving, but sometimes too sensitive. What they will never forgive is betrayal.
4. These girls, born on the 4th, are probably the most responsible and disciplined ladies. That is why they will succeed as managers and executives. Once they decide something, they become extremely stubborn. They are an example from which we can only learn.
In the love, they also wish everything to be clear and precise. If you think you will play with them, very soon you will see their back. And vice versa - if you act respectfully and openly with them, they will show you all the dimensions of happiness.
5. Talented, creative, always with a ready solution, but also very naive! Not once they have been betrayed and used and that is from the people they did not expect such a thing. 
Funny how their quick mind is intertwined with their utopian wishes and ideas. But if you think about it, it makes them quite unique. If a man were able to assess things with goodwill and a pure heart, he will understand that this is why he has such luck  with a unique women.
6. Women born on 6th are very caring and strict. You can count on them if you have earned their trust, because they are a little suspicious. Perhaps it`s not so bad, considering the bad faith of many people.
In love they are are true and not willing to compromise their partners. They have bitter experience, but at least they learn from their mistakes. Rarely do they explode, but they hold on to their anger longer. They will never lie.
7. Strong sensitivity concealed behind iron perfectionism. This is how we can describe women born on the 7th. They are designed to manage, because they are analytical and know how to separate professional life from personal things.
They do not allow everyone close to them. Rather several "tests" will be made, to ensure the sincerity of your intentions. In love they do not give away the end, but this makes them terribly interesting. If they come across a boring partner, they will not endure for very long.
Think well before doing something bad to them, because if they decide to retaliate, they are able to destroy you. These ladies are quite capable and they will be well aware of this. They will not be content with mediocre stuff.
8. They should think well how to live a balanced life so as not to make the people they love suffer. Their desire for independence is enviable, but it usually goes hand in hand with loneliness. But ultimately, if so you feel full and satisfied, then everything is fine.
In love, they do not allow others to impose and do not tolerate men who restrict their freedom. As well, they do not allow others' rude and disrespectful attitude.
9. Women born on 9th are compassionate, tolerant and open to the needs of the people. They will develop into a great humanitarians. They can be burnished and not only - they are great at motivating!
In fact, those who have such women to themselves, have a lot to enjoy. With them they will have the necessary understanding and support. With one condition - never stop showing respect for their unique nature.
10. Independent girls with high self-esteem and remarkable intelligence. They always shoot in the top ten! It would do well to listen to their advice and guidance because they are very provident and analytical.
Their desire to help others often leads to a mess in their own lives, but they always find a way to arrange it, lightning-fast! Their love relations can be permanent only when with suitable partner.
11. These girls are absolute idealists. Dream girls rather than doers. Nice but not naive, biting, but not malicious. Men should be especially careful with their magnetism. Because these women can get what they want with just a blink of an eye!
They defy simple commands, even when they are part of their professional duties. No that they will not do the job, but they'll put something unique from themselves. They leave traces in everything they touch!
12. The life of women born in the 12th, is never in a straight line. They are either at the top or the bottom, but once they get there, they wll stand up with new strenght are will continue ahead! They want all or nothing. And so they are in love - they would
either give a lot or nothing at all. Especially if they have understood that the particular person does not deserve it.
If you want dynamic and emotional life, you need to pick woman born on the 12th. You will find new and interesting aspects of life. You will only need to arm yourself with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, because their pace is hard to resist.
13. These women are hardworking, with interesting ideas and strategic plans. Moreover, they have an innate charm that melt men's hearts and that often incurs the jealousy of others.
This is also their greatest pain - the malice that they have not deserved! Despite the good intentions, there will always be a complexed person who will try to embarras or bully them. Therefore, our advice is not to trust anyone you meet!
14. These women posses sharp and analytical mind. They need constant variety, because they get bored quickly. It will not be easy for their spouse/partner to be constantly interesting, but if they can do it, they will enjoy amazing, loving partner.
Sometimes they tend to shirk responsibility and to not recognize their mistakes. But this is only a facade. Internally they realize very well the incorrect act and will try not to repeat it. So you do not have to constantly nag them anything. This will only
alienate them from yourself!
15. The women born on the 15th are home makers. Not that they do not like to have fun just but they feel better at home. They strive to maintain harmony in their relationships with others and usually succeed.
In their private life, they are a real treasure because they know how to enjoy the little things. they provide only tenderness and understanding. They also provide a unique atmosphere at home. And it must be an absolute fool the one who do not do
everything possible to keep such a girl.
16. Girls born on 16th are super funny and charming. Give them parties and nightlife - its when they feel the best. Around them there is always a crowd of men, but few are those who stay for longer in their lives. These girls do not bind easily. They are
special and they know it. So do not even think that they will open their heart easily.
When they form a relationship they tend to be a little stubborn. They are not willing to compromise and insist on having their own way. But then again that's what makes them so unique - the fact that they have their own opinion and are not afraid to stand
17. These women are born with luck! They should play lottery and similar games often, but the most interesting thing about them is that they are both ethical and clever! In other words, they have their ways to make you act in their interest, but you will
not play tricks behind their back. Many want a faithful partner to themselves, but fear of being hurt often causes them to repel men. So if you're in love with this girl, do not give up quickly on it! Prove to her that she can rely on you and your feelings are
real. Surely after a while you will not regret!
18. Generous, compassionate and tolerant girls who seem to infect others with kindness! They are friends in the true sense of the word - always ready to help and direct to end. For men in their lives are also very giving. Though they had not only one disappointment, they do not stop believing in true love. So be kind and gentle with them, because nowadays they are extremely valuable personalities!
19. These women are very emotional and romantic. They tend to quickly make friends and people like them. Sometimes they are really angry, but it is only when they are highly offended.
20. Women born on the 20th, they need to love and be loved. Betrayal or resentment from their intimate partner for them is something devastating. They are fragile and vulnerable, so you should treat them carefully. This is good for you because if you
behave, they will give you all the happiness on earth.
21. These girls are very energetic and act quickly. If you are still on the first task, the woman born on the 21st, has already done her work and charmingly asks you if you need help.
And we said charmingly, this should alert you to the dangerous charm of these girls! They can be quite convincing and seemingly innocently to make you play their tune. Any man who has been admitted to their intimate space, felt like he did not want to
leave from. If he does, he will often remember the exciting moments with this amazing girl.
22. These women are usually seen as cold and sharp. But you should know that they raise their voice or behave rudely because you are treated casually to honor your commitments, or have voiced groundless opinion. They are very annoyed when
someone strummed their fudge. Women born on 22nd love to have tension and thrill. It charges them. They like to organize, manage and proves coping with "impossible" tasks. In love they are also practical - they give but want to receive also. They will
not close their eyes to the mistakes of their partner. They believe that it is appropriate to tell him in the eyes what they think instead of wiping tears lonely in the corner.
23. If you want your life to be interesting and different, stand near a woman born on the 23rd. She is so talented and diverse, that you can not get away from it. And just when you decided that you already know it well, she will surprise you with something
For her love is something fun and enjoyable. She can not imagine that this exalted feeling can be associated with the routine and silence. So, keep your mind one if you share her life! Dont let your relationship to get in a rut, she will very quickly shift
to a more interesting man.
24. Those born on 24th have a great capacity to lead and to solve problems. This is due to super exact judgment as to the people and the situations. They are not afraid to take responsibility for their actions. And why not, since in most cases, they are the ones doing the right thing.
Being a woman is nice, but binding. She is a high ball and the man next to her must always be good. Otherwise it will start to feel that she deserves something better. And it is a matter of very little time to find it!
25. These women are smart, rational and follow the iron logic. So you will find it hard to lie or mislead in any. They Do not make friends easily, so they have little, but really true friends.
And so are in love! You will not win them easy, but if you succeed, they will love you all the way! They are just cautious and perhaps rightly so. Otherwise they have big hearts and would not intentionally harm. Well, well, unless you have them brutally occurred. Then surely you will feel what a real anger is.
26. Very ambitious and diplomatic ladies! They will rarely admit their mistakes. They will rather convince you that they did the right thing, but because of the actions of a third party things happened the way they did. Do not be angry! These women do have countless other qualities that are superior to other women.
One of them is the combination of power and flair for detail. Which means that if you have a woman beside you, she will make you feel like a real man. And at the same time, you will be a good partner who can be relied upon. She respect you and  ake sure you have everything you need. In return you will have to show her how much appreciated the fact that you have unusual and worthy partner.
27. Women born on the 27th, are one of the few who will neglect themselves for the sake of the people they love. This makes them invaluable friends and partner! So all of you who have such a woman you must keep her and care as a treasure! Make also sure she rests more and that she take care of her own needs.
Another characteristic of these ladies is generosity, compassion, pure feelings and sincere love. They hate rude events and selfishness. Yet, when confronted with such people they will try to show them the good side of human relationships, rather than bypass.
28. Those born on 28th are more powerful and strong ladies. It can be annoying when they are telling you how to run your life, but our advice is to listen to what they say! Because they are analytical and intuitive!
In their personal relationship they like to dominate and could hardly allow anyone tricking them. And even if it happens, this is just a temporary phase. For them the dignity and self-respect are more important than any other romantic feelings.
29. The ladies born on 29th are idealistic! Creative and sensitive characters who believe in eternal love and goodness. Although sometimes they may seem too naive, its just a fasade. They just look for the positive side of things. Perhaps it is something each of us must do.
When you are in love, these women are capable of anything for their partner. Will fight for you, they will understand you, they will donate tenderness and attention. But dont misuse their feelings. They can tolerate a lot, but if they get tired of you, there is no turning back!
30. The strongest ability of these ladies is their ability to express themselves. They find a way to say things exactly as you hear them. If you cant understand them, the problem is yours! They will develop successfully in all professions that require direct communication with the people.
In the intimate life they are extremely inventive. The surprises for your spouse, to your sexual skills. Perhaps this is one reason why they are always so many men around them seeking attention. Ask and their ex! Surely most of them regret that they missed such a woman. 
31. Women born on the 31st, achieve everything they have in mind. They are armed with patience, ingenuity and a sharp mind, which helps them analyze possible options and developments.
They do not like to be alone. There are always friends around them and they rarely without a partner. But if you sleep with such woman, does not guarantee that you have settled permanently in her heart! To win the love of this woman is not easy. Because she knows she deserves the best and will not tolerate compromise with yourself.