Coffee Reading

Take your cup that has Turkish coffee grounds remaining in it and fill it with boiling water. The ground coffee precipitates out of the liquid and the precipitate will predict future events of nations. Turn the cup upside down and let stand five minutes. Sediment will be suspended on the bottom of the cup. Then carefully observe drawings and shapes formed by the sediment particles. Analysis of coffee is very complicated. Let me say in advance that straight lines are favorable, while the broken and wavy lines are not. Here are more specific interpretations: 
The curved line shows guile and deceit; 
Broken line - heart relationship; 
Full square - Heritage; 
Egg shape - big picture means a good marriage;
Cross - death;
Flower - love;
Clover - will receive money;
Pattern resembling a willow - prolonged crying and tears; 

In addition to number shapes and lines, there are also others that resemble humans, animals, objects, etc. Below are explainations as to how they should be interpreted in divination of coffee: 

Old woman - true love;
Old man - a happy marriage;
A young woman - unhappy love;
Young man - an unhappy marriage;
Girl - love of adventure;
Boy - love of hypocrisy;
Forest - deception in life;
Mountains - all your love;
Sea - a journey by sea;
River - your job as a water willows;
Rabbit - cowardice and myopia;
Wolf - a strong will;
Fox - cunning and guile;
Hen - trouble;
Cock - joyful note;
Pigeon - innocent and pure soul;
Eagle - fight strong man;
Crow - sorrow;
Swan - unexpected money;
Nightingale - good tidings;
Snake - the evils of a loved one;
Lizard - unexpected concerns;
Ants - a great concern about the small people;
Worms - pazetete of his youngest enemy;
Church - piety;
Mosque - high ideals;
House - good housekeeping;
Hut - poverty;
Deer - mind, success;
Elephant - and power;
Camel - consistency and usefulness;
Cow - great joy;
Sun - durability and simplicity;
Horse - truth in love;
Donkey - stubbornness in each work;
Cat - ingratitude and malice;
Dog - obedience and loyalty;
Mouse - dirt and cover;
Garden - a good meeting;
Boat - crawling for good purposes;
Sail - vyatarnichevo understanding;
Zeppelin - voluntary and free love;
Bubble - an end;
Car - walk;
Bicycle - difficult journey;
Tram - patient lives;
Butterfly - love letter;
Flies - a great treasure;
Mosquitoes - money from the lottery;
May brambar - love adventure;
Grasshopper - a walk;
Forget-me-not - trouble;
Violet - rich marriage;
Tulip - a recent marriage;
Rose - care not to prick;
Chrysanthemum - marriage;
Carnation - honeymoon;
Peony - marriage is before your house
Ox-eye - a disease in the family;
Snowdrop - the first love will be the happiest;
Black spot - angry grief;
White spot - joy, happiness;
Cross - marriage for love;
Grapes - your husband will drunkenness;
Walnuts - working to earn a living;

Man silhouette portends a recent meeting with a beloved, and irretrievable loss of those who were robbed in one way or another. Big house or castle is a sign of poverty. The silhouette of the tower is always a good sign, especially when it comes to business plans. The outline of fields and valleys, especially sheep that graze peacefully means joy and fulfillment of desires.
Outlines of buildings predict happiness for rich and poor disease.
The outline of plants and predict scandals sections failures at work and deep sorrow.
Silhouettes of animals predict danger and warn that we should beware of bad people among the closest.
Trees mean obstacles at work.
The thick forest is a portent of unexpected quarrels with relatives, friends or lover. If the forest is divided into two by the river, this means that around you there are people who try to destroy you, but will not have the chance to achieve this.
The silhouette of a church is a recent wedding for those who are in love, and quickly return to those who are gone.
The silhouette of a horse means imminent risk of bad people, but also great material loss. The silhouette of a large door means the return of a loved one or guests around the door and if there are silhouettes of people, this means that you will meet the cheerful company.