First method of divination

Draw a circle about 30 cm on the table or on a sheet of paper. Take three dice, focus, ask the question in mind, do not distract, throw two dice. They have to fall into the circle, not outside. You can repeat the question and throw the dice a second time. If this time they fall out of the circle, you better postpone the guess in one hour. You should not throw them a third time. If one die falls outside the circle, his number is ignored.
Add the numbers of the two dice and look at the answer to your question. 

1 - yes
2 - no
3 - be careful
4 - it all depends on your ability to show wisdom in time
5 - expected success
6 - of course
7 - believe and hope.
8 - be patient
9 - definitely
10 - hardly
11 - nonsense
12 - fortuity

Another way of this type of divination is asking questions about the future. You will now need all three dice. Ask the question and throw the three dice in the circle. The dice falling outside the circle are not counted. The numbers of the other two are gathered, but the dice outside the circle may mean frustration of the plans. The sum of all numbers is the answer to the question.
If both dice fall out of the circle, you may be in trouble or scandal. 

3 - expect soon surprise or nice news 
4 - expect disappointments and trouble 
5 - your desires most unexpectedly will come true 
6 - you may expecting losses and financial failures 
7 - possibly will harm you scandals and gossip 
8 - You are under someone's strong influence. Be careful not to become an injustice. Freed yourself from foreign influence.
9 - You may expect happy love and marriage. If you are already married, family life will blossom as fiery color as after the wedding. Honeymoon!
10 - probable pregnancy; Happiness in the family business. In short, everything that is related to the family will bring you happiness.
11 - You probably will separete with one of your loved ones. It is possible disease which you will spend quickly and easily.
12 - Good news. You will probably get a letter. But before answering, take an advice from your relatives or friends. 
13 - You may be sad. Do your best to quickly deal with sadness.
14 - rely on your friends - they will help you.
15 - be alert: you will be tempted to do some wrongdoing.
16 - awaits you a successful journey.
17 - your plans will change a person arriving from a far or somehow connected with water.
18 - the best number that predicts prosperity and happiness in everything.