Second method of divination

Think of a wish and put two dice in a glass. Shake the glass and throw the dice on the table. Hold the glass with your left hand, and the dice roll back anticlockwise. Look at the combination of fallen numbers and read the answer to your question. 

6-6: your desire will no doubt soon be fulfilled
6-5: probably will be fulfilled
6-4: yes, it will come true
6-3: it's unlikely to happen
6-2: desire will not come true
6-1: it will come true, but not as soon as you want
5-5: no doubt your desire will be fulfilled
5-4: no, it will not come true
5-3: chances are very small
5-2: probably will be fulfilled
5-1: chances are fifty to fifty
4-4: the desire may come true, and it may not be true
4-3: yes, probably everything will be accomplished
4-2: it's unlikely to happen
4-1: the chances of fulfilling your desire are quite big
3-3: If you consider your actions, your desire will be fulfilled
3-2: at all costs will come true
H-1: practically there is no hope
2-2: you do not have the slightest chance
2-1: fate is silent