Third method of divination with dice

This method of divination was used in ancient times to the East. You need to ask a question or just imagine the situation you have to deal with. Take a dice and throw it on a flat surface. If there is an even number of points on the top, write a cross on the sheet of paper (the cross indicates anxiety, fuss, disorder) if the number of points is odd, write zero (zero symbolizes harmony and success). 
Throw the dice four times in a row. Record the characters one after the other from left to right. The resulting string of symbols is the answer to the question. When decoding, use your intuition as well. Analyze what Mrs. Fate has prepared for you. 

+ + + + - your thoughts are chaotic, so dice can not answer your question. Repeat the divination again.
+ + + 0 - do not panic and do not hurry to do anything. Consider the situation and wait for a while.
+ + 0 + - the time is not appropriate for making important decisions and taking action.
+ 0 + + - it takes time to realize your dream.
0 + + + - awaits you success.
+ + 0 0 - no obstacles are foreseen.
0 0 + + - the probability of success is quite big, it's time to catch your luck, but nothing will be as fast and easy as you want. 
+ 0 + 0 - to make a success, you need some effort and you have to spend some money.
0 + 0 + - the prediction is unfavorable - the situation goes out of control.
+ 0 0 + - they expect the changes to get better.
0 + + 0 - different problems may occur. Act only if you are absolutely confident in your power.
+ 0 0 0 - you can expect success in everything.
0 + 0 0 - the situation evolves in the right direction. Act confidently, do not hurry.
0 0 + 0 - the time is right. Listen to your intuition and feelings. The first thing you think will bring you luck.
0 0 0 + - the sign predicts disappointment, loneliness, intricate intrigue. Do not do anything without a pre-written plan.
0 0 0 0 - this combination means life changes. You should look at everything from a different point of view soon enough.