Fourth method of divination with dice


This is the divination of King David. In what sequence the dice came, that was the answer. Take three dice and put them in a glass.
Usually this is a leather cup (these are sold in stores for stationery - they put pencils and pens) or clay, ceramic or even wood. Do not use it for anything else, just for divination. Throw the cup and throw the dice on the table. The numbers on the top of the dice are the answer to your question. In order not to be confused, read them as you type them - from left to right.

666 - God helps you.
665 - everything will be fine.
664 - wish yourself good health, the lost will be found.
663 - you will be in trouble.
662 - what you're guessing is stupidity, you'll have scandals at home.
661 - you are going to darkness, beware of a friend - he is an enemy.
656 - separation.
655 - dating, friendship
654 - ahead of you a difficult period of life. It is possible a lot of pressure.
653 - necessity
652 - the things will be settled.
651 - expect trouble on the road, the risk of robbery.
646 - scandal with the boss
645 - meeting with a friend.
644 - losing a lot of money.
643 - you will lose money, but then you will return them.
642 - trouble with your relatives.
641 - problem with a man who is your relative.
633 - everything will work out and it will be fine.
632 - everything is nice.
622 - an inappropriate day of divination.
621 - beware
611 - wait for joy of fate
555 - the lost will be found
554 - birth and joy
553 - do not wait for help anywhere.
552 and 551 - you have prodigal thoughts that hurt you in everything
544 - war, conflict, trouble
542 - teaching, education
541 - good news
533 - walk by sea
532 - storm on the ship, death by sea or in water
523 - you will be cured
522 - the battle will fail
511 - a false road
444 - an enemy on your left side
443 - you will create a family, you will shrink a nest
433 - run in the opposite direction
432 - you are stupidly acting, so everything goes wrong
431 - you do not pray to the right God, so nothing goes to you
422 - good news
421 - victory
411 - Danger on the road, but everything will end well
333 - your desire will only be fulfilled if you mention God and if you thank him
332 - do not go to a new house, there is a danger waiting for you
331 - stop, you ask for nonsense
332 - you have no will
321 - Profit
222 - you have chosen a bad path. Run!
221 - Defend yourself. There's a pit ahead of you!
211 - If you decide to commit adultery, do not talk unnecessarily
111 - everything is great! Pray to God, he remembers you and He will help you.

Some answers may seem odd or complex, but you trust your intuition and fantasy. Remember that divination is always a philosophy.