Dice Predictions Introduction

Dice - these are cubes with points on each of the six sides. Dice divination to predict the future is as old as the world. They have predicted the future the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and even Japanese. Dice divination were known African tribes, Mayan, Chinese and Eskimos. In the Old Testament repeatedly mentioned for predicting the future dice game. Since ancient times people have been throwing these cubes and watching what number will fall. From this depends the fulfillment of the desires or the realization of the predictions. In the various ways of divination, one to three dice are used. So get yourself a few. They are often found in children's games, and lately they are sold in souvenir shops, even in newspaper pavilions. If you can not find dice at all, then do yourself: square cubes of any tree with a length of 1-1.5 cm each and points marked on each wall from 1 to 6.

(From the book of Naina Vladimirova)