Names with the letter A


August Augustine, Augusta, Augustina lat. Augustus - "sublime, blessed"
Abel biblical name, Heb. "Transitory"
Avram biblical name, Heb. Abraham - "father of many descendants"
Agatha from greek Agathe - "good, kind" - the name of a saint of Christian calendar
Aglaia, Aglaias greek Aglae - "light"; aglais, -idos 
Aglika (dialect) aglika - primrose flower
Agnes greek Agnes - "clean"
Adela, Adelina french Adele - "noble"
Adrian, Adriana lat. Adrianus, the name of the Roman emperor 
Axel, Xenia, Avkseniya from greek Auxene - "increase"; the name of the heroine of "Pacific Don" of Sholokhov
Albena heroine of the story and drama of J. Jovkov (Bulgaria), according to the author he is modified by Ablenka. From 1935, it became very popular.

Alexi, Alexa, Aleko, Alexei from greek. Alexios - "that brings help and protection"
Alexander from greek Alexandros - "defender of men" 
Alice from greek Aletheia- "truth"
Anna evangelical name, Heb. Hannah - "grace"
Anani biblical name of Heb. Chenaniah - "grace of God"
Anastas from greek Anastasios - "resurrected"
Anatoli, from the town of Anatolia. Anatolios of anatole - "sunrise, east '
Angel from greek Angelos - "messenger"
Angelina short of the Gospel; considered a feminine form of Angel, Andrew, Andrea, Andro from greek Andreas - "manly"; name of evangelical apostle
Anelia modified by Anna or Angelina; distributed along the heroine of H. Sienkiewicz Anel
Anton, Anthony (j), Antonia lat. Antonius - name of the old Roman family
Apostle from greek Apostolos - "messenger, apostle"
Argyros, Argo from greek Argyros - "silver"
Arsenic (ij), Arso, Arsenia from greek Arsenios - "manly, heroic"
Archangel from greek Arhangelos - "senior angel, archangel"
Assen, Assenka, Asya name of Bulgarian rulers, akin to Hassan - "nice"

Asparuh old Bulgarian historical name; according to one meaning "swift horse", others - "ruler of white horses" Atanas, Atanaska from greek athanasios - "immortal"
Athens name from Greek mythology - the goddess of war, wisdom and arts