Names with letter B

Belcho, Belchin, Bella - white (a), but meaning "nice (a) healthy (a)"
Beloslav, Beloslava - a cross of Bela and Velislav
Berimir - ancient name - "winning peace"
Berislav, Berislav - ancient name - "who picked wins glory"

Bertha, Berta - "brilliant"
Bianca - Italy. Bianca - "white"
Bilian Biljana  - "healing herb"
Blagovesta - translation of the Greek Evangelos - "evangelist"
Blago - from good, have a good character
Bogdan, Bogdana, Bona, Bonka - "given by God"; meets in Greek Theodosius
Bogoljub - "who loves God" or "love of God"; meets in Greek Theophilus
Bogomil, Bogomila - "kind of God" - an ancient name
Bojana - Bozh of (A) + ana or free translation of the Greek Teopiya - "bogovidna"
Bozidar - "gift of God"; translation of the Greek Theodore (a) Bojura flower peony
Boyko, Boyka - aspirational name, to fear him, to be strong in battle
Boleslaw "with better, with great glory" - an ancient name
Borimir - "who fight for peace"
Boris - old Bulgarian historical name, according to some means "man of God"
Borislav, Borislava - "who fight for glory" - revamped from the ancient Berislav.
Bosiljka, Bosiljka flower basil
Boyan, Boyana - bajan - "rich"; survived as a popular name in the verb "fear" - fear of it
Branimir, Bran, Branimira - from the ancient Branimer - "strong war", rethought as "defender of peace"
Budimir, Budim - "which raises peace" - an ancient name