Names with letter F

FAAS   m   Dutch
Dutch short form of BONIFAAS or SERVAAS.
FÁBIA   f   Portuguese
Portuguese feminine form of FABIUS
FABIA   f   Italian, Ancient Roman
Feminine form of FABIUS
FÁBIÁN   m   Hungarian
Hungarian form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).
FABIAN   m   German, Dutch, Polish, History
From the Roman cognomen Fabianus, which was derived from FABIUS... 
FABIANA   f   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Ancient Roman
Feminine form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).
FABIANO   m   Italian, Portuguese
Italian and Portuguese form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).
FABIANUS   m   Ancient Roman
Original Latin form of FABIAN
FABIEN   m   French
French form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).
FABIENNE   f   French
French feminine form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).
FABIJAN   m   Croatian, Slovene
Croatian and Slovene form of Fabianus (see FABIAN).
FÁBIO   m   Portuguese
Portuguese form of FABIUS
FABIO   m   Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of FABIUS
FABIOLA   f   Italian, Spanish, French, German, Ancient Roman
Diminutive of FABIA... 
FABIUS   m   Ancient Roman
Roman family name which was derived from Latin faba "bean"...
FABÓ   m   Hungarian
Diminutive of FÁBIÁN
FABRICE   m   French
French form of the Roman family name Fabricius, which was derived from Latin faber "craftsman"... 
FABRICIA   f   Ancient Roman
Feminine form of Fabricius (see FABRICE).
FABRICIO   m   Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of Fabricius (see FABRICE).
FABRICIUS   m   Ancient Roman
Original Latin form of FABRICE
FABRIZIA   f   Italian
Italian feminine form of Fabricius (see FABRICE).
FABRIZIO   m   Italian
Italian form of Fabricius (see FABRICE).
FACHTNA   m   Irish, Irish Mythology
Perhaps means "hostile" in Irish Gaelic... 
FADDEI   m   Russian
Variant transcription of FADDEY
FADDEY   m   Russian
Russian form of THADDEUS
FADI   m   Arabic
Means "saviour" in Arabic... 
FADIA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FADI
FADIL   m   Arabic
Means "virtuous, generous" in Arabic.
FADILA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FADIL
FADİME   f   Turkish
Turkish variant of FATMA
FADL   m   Arabic
Means "grace, generosity" in Arabic... 
FAE   f   English
Variant of FAY
FÁELÁN   m   Ancient Irish
Older form of FAOLÁN
FAHD   m   Arabic
Means "panther" in Arabic.
FAHIM   m   Arabic
Means "intelligent, scholar" in Arabic.
FAHIMA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FAHIM
FAHMIDA   f   Pakistani, Urdu
Urdu feminine form of FAHIM
FAHRİ   m   Turkish
Turkish form of FAKHRI
FAHRİYE   f   Turkish
Turkish feminine form of FAKHRI
FAIGA   f   Yiddish
Variant of FAIGEL
FAIGEL   f   Yiddish
Derived from Yiddish פֵײגֶל (feigel) meaning "bird".
FAINA   f   Russian
Meaning unknown, possibly derived from PHAENNA.
FAIRUZ   f   Arabic
Variant transcription of FAYRUZ
FAIRUZA   f   Persian
Variant transcription of FIRUZEH
FAITH   f   English
Simply from the English word faith, ultimately from Latin fidere "to trust"... 
FAITHE   f   English (Rare)
Variant of FAITH
FAIVISH   m   Yiddish
Yiddish form of PHOEBUS
FAIZ   m   Arabic
Means "victorious" in Arabic.
FAIZA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FAIZ
FAIZEL   m   Arabic
Variant transcription of FAYSAL
FAJR   f   Arabic
Means "dawn, beginning" in Arabic.
FAJRA   f   Esperanto
Means "fiery" in Esperanto.
FAKHRI   m   Arabic
Means "honourary" in Arabic.
FAKHRIYYA   f   Arabic
Feminine form of FAKHRI
FALK   m   German, Yiddish
Means "falcon" in German and Yiddish.
FALLON   f   English (Modern)
From an Irish surname which was derived from Ó Fallamhain meaning "descendent of Fallamhan"... 
FANCY   f   English (Rare)
From the English word fancy which means either "like, love, inclination" or "ornamental"... 
FANE   m   Romanian
Diminutive of ȘTEFAN
FANNAR   m   Icelandic
Possibly derived from Old Norse fönn meaning "snow drift".
FANNI   f   Finnish, Hungarian
Finnish diminutive of FRANCISCA and a Hungarian diminutive of FRANCISKA or STEFÁNIA.
FANNIE   f   English
Variant of FANNY
FANNY   f   English, French, Spanish
Diminutive of FRANCES... 
FANTINE   f   Literature
This name was used by Victor Hugo for the mother of Cosette in his novel 'Les Misérables' (1862)... 
FAOLÁN   m   Irish
Means "little wolf", derived from Gaelic fáel "wolf" combined with a diminutive suffix... 
FARAG   m   Arabic
Variant transcription of FARAJ
FARAH   m & f   Arabic
Means "joy" in Arabic.
FARAI   m & f   Southern African, Shona
Means "rejoice" in Shona.
FARAJ   m   Arabic
Means "remedy" or "improvement" in Arabic.