Names with letter Ju

JU   f   Chinese
Means "chrysanthemum" in Chinese.
JUAN   m   Spanish, Manx
Spanish and Manx form of Iohannes (see JOHN)... 
JUANA   f   Spanish
Spanish form of Iohanna (see JOANNA), making it the feminine form of JUAN... 
JUANITA   f   Spanish
Diminutive of JUANA
JUANITO   m   Spanish
Diminutive of JUAN
JUBAL   m   Biblical
Means "stream" in Hebrew... 
JUDA   m   Arabic
Means "goodness, excellence", derived from Arabic جاد (jada) "to be excellent".
JUDAH   m   Biblical
From the Hebrew name יְהוּדָה (Yehudah) which meant "praised"... 
JUDAS   m   Biblical
From Ιουδας (Ioudas), the Greek form of JUDAH... 
JUDD   m   English, Medieval English
Medieval diminutive of JORDAN...
JUDE   m   English, Biblical
Variant of JUDAS... 
JUDI   f   English
Diminutive of JUDITH
JUDICAËL   m   French, Breton
French form of the Old Breton name Iudicael, derived from the elements iud "lord, prince" and cael "generous"... 
JUDIE   f   English
Diminutive of JUDITH
JUDIKAEL   m   Breton
Breton form of JUDICAËL
JUDIT   f   Hungarian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
Hungarian, Spanish and Scandinavian form of JUDITH
JUDITA   f   Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of JUDITH
JUDITE   f   Portuguese
Portuguese form of JUDITH
JUDITH   f   English, Jewish, French, German, Spanish, Biblical
From the Hebrew name יְהוּדִית (Yehudit) meaning "woman from Judea", Judea being an ancient region in Israel... 
JUDOC   m   Breton, Ancient Celtic
Breton form of JOYCE
JUDOCUS   m   Dutch (Archaic), Ancient Celtic (Latinized)
Latinized form of Judoc (see JOYCE).
JUDY   f   English
Diminutive of JUDITH... 
JUDYTA   f   Polish
Polish form of JUDITH
JUHA   m   Finnish
Finnish form of JOHN
JUHÁN   m   Sami
Northern Sami form of JOHN
JUHAN   m   Estonian
Estonian form of JOHN
JUHANA   m   Finnish
Finnish form of JOHN
JUHANI   m   Finnish
Finnish form of JOHN
JUHO   m   Finnish
Finnish form of JOHN
JUKKA   m   Finnish
Finnish form of JOHN
JULEK   m   Polish
Diminutive of JULIUSZ
JULEN   m   Basque
Basque form of Iulianus (see JULIAN).
JULES (1)   m   French
French form of JULIUS...
JULES (2)   f & m   English
Diminutive of JULIA or JULIAN
JULI   f   Hungarian
Hungarian short form of JULIA
JÚLIA   f   Portuguese, Catalan, Hungarian, Slovak
Portuguese, Catalan, Hungarian and Slovak form of JULIA
JULIA   f   English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Finnish, Ancient Roman, Biblical
Feminine form of JULIUS... 
JULIÁN   m   Spanish
Spanish form of Iulianus (see JULIAN).
JULIAN   m   English, Polish, German
From the Roman name Iulianus, which was derived from JULIUS... 
JULIANA   f   Dutch, German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Ancient Roman
Feminine form of Iulianus (see JULIAN)... 
JULIANE   f   French, German
French and German feminine form of JULIAN
JULIANNA   f   Hungarian, Polish, English
Feminine form of Iulianus (see JULIAN).
JULIANNE   f   English
Feminine form of Iulianus (see JULIAN).
JULIE   f   French, English, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch
French form of JULIA... 
JULIEN   m   French
French form of Iulianus (see JULIAN).
JULIENNE   f   French
French feminine form of Iulianus (see JULIAN).
JULIET   f   English
Anglicized form of JULIETTE or GIULIETTA... 
JULIETTE   f   French
French diminutive of JULIE