Names with letter V

Vaklin of cycle - "with black eyes and eyebrows, nice"
Valentine, Valentina, Valya lat. Valentinus - "healthy, strong"
Valery, Valeria, Valya lat. Valerius, generic name of valeo - "I am strong"
Vanga, Vangelia short of Gospels - evangelist
Vana, Vanya short for Ivan - from evangelical Ioannes, from Heb. "God is gracious" or "God's grace"
Vasil, Vasa, Teodora, Vassilena shortened by Basil - Greek basileios - "royal, regal"
Velizar, Velizara ancient Thracian name
Veliko, Velika, Velichka, Velichko - from great, aspirational name - to be a great, great
Velislav, Velislava ancient name - "who has great glory"

Venera lat. Venus - the name of the Roman goddess of love
Veneta on behalf of Venetia area in eastern Italy
Ventsislav, Ventsislava, Ventsi free translation of the Greek Stefan
Vera, Vyara - be true
Vergina, Verginia, Virginia - lat. Verginius, generic name, penetrated in the country in a literary way
Veronica Lat. Veronica, from the Greek Berenike - name of Egyptian queens penetrate in a literary way; it is possible to connect with the flower veronica
Vikenti lat. Vicentius - "winner" with Greek accent
Victor lat. Victor - "winner"
Victoria lat. Victoria - "victory"
Violetta, French violette - "violet"

Vihyr, Vihra aspirational name: be strong, spirited and fast like the wind
Vladimir, Vlada, Vlajko ancient name, modified by Vladimer - "great ruler"
Vladislav ancient name "that reigns in glory"
Vojislav ancient name "who fought for glory"
Volen  - free
Vrabka, from Willow
Vazkressia translation from greek Anastasia
Vylkan, Vylko, Vylcho, Vylo, Valio, Vylchan, Vycho from wolf - exorcism name: can not harm to wolves