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Body Signs and twitching

If you shudder:
- Right thigh - means that something bad will happen to you;
- Left thigh - expect a happy event or a long and successful journey;
- Beard - you'll get good advice;
- Right cheek - something will happen, something good;
- Left cheek - you will lose a friend;
- Right eyebrow - you'll be sick, but you will heal successfully;
- The top of the head - you should take a long journey, which will have a good end;
- Lower eyelid - you will be saved in a difficult situation;
- Hand -  you will commit to do good work;
- Right knee - you will have a successful transaction;
- Left knee - you will go away;
- Right elbow - you have to expect difficulties, which you will overcome;
- Left elbow - expect hard work;
- Nose - something soon will happen to you, something nice;
- Right eye - you will notice a good thing;
- Left eye - you will notice trouble;
- Toe on the right foot - you will experience a happy event;
- Finger of the left leg - you will win money or property;
- Left hand - you will be exalted and rich;
- Right hand - for rich people there portends illness and for poor people - work;
- Upper lip - expect fun with friends;
- Lower lip - you will receive good news;
- Forehead - you will learn bad news.

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