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Aquarius Spring Horoscope

This spring you will experience many fateful events that will form the basis of future cardinal changes in your life. Above all, they will connect to your relationships with other people or will be caused by their attitude towards you.
During these three months (March, April and May) you will have a lot of special moments, but there will always be some clouds on diversity.
You may encounter ifficult or unpredictable relationships with people from another location.
This spring you will have to make specific actions or make decisions related to your older relatives. There is a probability of gatherings on different matters related to such a person.
You will end up disappointed or cheated in your specific expectations related to home or property.
A journey will involve unpleasantness or cause various complications around a person from your family or friendly surroundings.
Aquarius men may need to travel on duty at the wrong time for them, or to an uncomfortable place for them.

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