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Aquarius Horoscope Summer 2017

One of the important tasks or commitment for some of you this summer will be the care of property of parents or other relatives, the transfer of rights or mortgage, etc. In general, a residential or property issue will be one of your important commitments.
You will experience a conflict with a young man or a boy, mainly linked to his impatience, lack of tact, life experience to deal with certain life situations. Everything will end well and, above all, with a good life lesson.
Part of your plans for this season will be related to the birth of a female child, a girl or a young woman.
It is possible to discuss for some reason future motherhood, the future of a child, etc. 
An unfavorable time for a lawsuit as may reveal a twist in something you were quite sure that would happen according to your expectations.
Confusion can arise or an occurrence of suspicion, doubt about money in your marriage or romantic relationship.
Do not be naive and do not let them manipulate you. But unnecessary suspicion can hurt you.
This summer you will receive a notification, suggestion, or invitation from an unexpected or unknown location that will make you follow closely the follow-up events.

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