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Aquarius Winter Horoscope

In the winter season (December, January and February) trouble  will arise concerning a complicated relationship with a child or grandchild. With tact and diplomacy you will always find a solution, but as a whole this situation will cost you a lot of energy and nervous energy.
Unexpected money will bless your home or arrive in the form of a windfall for your partner. Generally, the money may be a pleasant surprise for you this season in one way or another. Do not create an expectation for something big and spectacular.
In winter, you may expect good news, conversation or documents that will come through the involvement of a man over 35 years. This to some extent will be your chance for beneficial change or for dealing with an important question.
You will be glad of a document of a financial nature that will be important for the family or for your home (may have a specific connection to the home where you live).
Costs may arise associated with an important event of a family nature related to a gathering of the family.
Conflict could develop with a woman or with women who may be your relatives, but may be from the group where you work.
Generally in winter, your relationships with women are complex, unpredictable and generally very delicate for someone like you.
New friends, a new personal or a business acquaintance will provide you with an occasion to ponder on various options for the development of this relationship. In some cases, it can work, but with mixed emotions, which to some extent will be good.

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