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Cancer Winter Horoscope

Do not make big plans for the winter. Perhaps now you'll have to finish already started things or just follow the routine work and obligations.
Unfavorable period for the development of a lawsuit in which you participate.
Keep your personal belongings and your personal mail from foreign encroachment / curiosity.
Love will be interesting and dynamic part of the life of men. Likelihood of new love, flirt or dating.
You will have the opportunity for personal holiday or a holiday in your home connected to a birthday, name day, anniversary, etc.
Women should be more careful in their financial relationships with other women. Trouble related to cash, money relationship with a woman over 35 years old.
During the winter you can receive a proposal for a better paid job, temporary commitment or good business deal. Obtaining money by working, tax, bank or other institution.
Conflict with a relative who lives in another community. This may be related to the manifestation of stubbornness or other feature in the character of this person.
The winter will be a period in which you have to be open to any proposals and information. To be able to react quickly, but also wisely. You may risk, but not recklessly.
Surprisingly suggestion or news. 

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