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Capricorn Horoscope Summer 2017

Summer definitely can be a catalyst season for important events; one by one they will develop all year and each in itself will bring you success and will open doors to new opportunities and changes. 
There may be a successful development of a lawsuit or something beneficial to you concerning such an event. 
For you, it will now be important to obtain an important document, a notice or proposal, which had never happened previously before. 
Soon you will spend a bit of a nervous time until things become clearer for you. 
There may be trouble with a woman who will have an idea that she can fool you or use for her own purposes. 
It's time to make a concrete decision on future relations with her. 
You will now end up with a problem or commitment that will be related to movable or immovable property.
Complete some repairs or improvements that you started some time ago.
This summer you can experience events related to surprising guests or an unexpected encounter with a woman.
It will definitely be an event with positive emotions or the occasion will be nice.
You can expect a new person at your workplace.
In Capricorn men, summer will begin in the hope of better job or business success, salary increases, and overall income, etc. You will have the feeling of an upcoming favorable change for you.

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