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Capricorn Winter Horoscope

The winter (December, January and February) will bring a variety of surprises for Capricorn women, especially on a personal level, or in a friendly affair, in a plan linked to future prosperity, some presentation, or appearance.
You will be surprised by an unexpected meeting.
At home, you will receive new people to visit or for work. You may have new neighbors or new tenants.
Minor repairs will be needed in the home that you could not have foreseen before, due to different reasons. There may be costs for improvements or for refurbishing your home.
In Capricorn men, there will occur an emotional disturbance associated with marriage or concerning an intimate partner, possibly flirting or special interest in a person of the opposite sex.
A conflict that will explode in the winter, will somehow be expected, foretold by events that happened during the year. Now, however, they will deepen new and will not so easy to resolve problems. Be smart!
It is better to stay realistic in expectations involving a child or grandchild, whatever your connection. Whatever disappointment you experience, it's for a reason - you have been too optimistic, or unrealistic in your expectations.
Interesting events may develop at work or in your business, as well as at school. Successful development will be experienced in the form of new activities, new projects, new clients, presentations, or exams. In every thing you will be able to show your inner talents, skills that will now allow you to achieve real success.

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