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Gemini Spring Horoscope

In the spring, most of you will get new opportunities for professional / business development or obtaining new acquisition, settle property issue, successfully care of important for you property. This largely happens through actions or through participation of man.
If you have expectations of any big gains or unexpected money - you will be disappointed. But you may be surprised by the receipt of money for which you have lost hope.
For Gemini women the load in the family would be great, but good or associated with pleasant occasions. Spring can remember with personal holidays, wedding or engagement related to the woman or the birth of a baby girl.
Now you can expect important news from afar, news related to travel or you will travel because important to you document, contract.
Chance invitation to join us somewhere or invitation to travel together with your relative or friend.
Your love life will be alternating with occasions for joy and harmony in the already established relations, but also unpleasant moments whose overcoming will require tact and diplomacy. 

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