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Gemini Horoscope Summer 2017

During this summer you will be glad of a gift or purchase, which you will look for any a meaning for yourself. 
There is a probability of acquiring a property or management of what will be a good start for you. 
Unexpected family problems will show you that you forgot to pay enough attention to some problems. They are now much more painful and need to be resolved. 
During this summer you will make new acquaintances, new friendships of a romantic nature, as well as those that are associated with common interests, goals or business. You will develop a lot of positive energy and hope from them. 
During these months (June, July, and August), you will have the opportunity to restore friendly relations with an old love or former spouse. It will be a great comfort to you after the difficult separation that you had. 
In some, but not all cases, there will be a return to an old, intimate partner based on mistakes made in the past, for which you may now receive forgiveness. 
This summer, be careful with your spending on children. You can be carried away too much and you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation. Moreover, new important and urgent costs related to a child or a grandchild will arise in the autumn.
You can delay or complicate receiving money related to your child/grandchild. 
Gemini men will receive an unexpected chance or proposal. You will make a difficult decision. You will take some time to see if this is the real thing or if someone is playing with you.

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