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Gemini Winter Horoscope

During this winter season (December, January and February) various lies and uncertainty in your relationships with others will now escalate unexpectedly for yourself. The blame for this can be yours, or maybe not. But you will understand that this insincerity, which has developed in your relationship, is bilateral.
An event or a conversation with a person born under the sign of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, who may be your relative, will surprise you.
Conflict with someone among your circle of friends will free you from an emotional load and excess energy, which has been collecting inside you in recent months.
Soon you will have the courage and ambition for something new to start new goals in your life. 
This season will be an important period for education or the careers of girls and young women. Time will define the future in an area important to you.
This will be a favorable time for a judicial or legal matters, especially for women.
Your income this winter will be definitely below your expectations or your costs will be higher, which will create an imbalance in your financial resources. Prepare well now and do not rely on miracles.
You'll have to part with a thing/belongings for various reasons and this will definitely be depressing.
News will be related to theft or other life drama in the life of a person rom your family or friendly environment.
Young men may need to look after the health of a woman from the family or to help in some way to resolve some problem with her.
Possible minor health ailments may be related to a son or grandson. 

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