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Leo Horoscope Autumn 2017

If you were born under the sign of Leo the autumn will delight you with money that you will get somehow through a woman. Probably she is your relative, business partner, client, and others.
Postponing a gathering in autumn or unexpected absence from it will be more for personal or family reasons.
This season you may be involved in an event related to a theft or incident at the home of your friends, neighbors or relatives.
During these three months (September, October, and November) you will have a good time for love. It can "hang you up" on the spot or with someone you have not had any expectations and plans.
In the autumn you will be settling an important document that you will encounter some difficulties or complications. It may be important to resolve trouble.
Look for news related to trouble and problem in town or village where you live. They definitely concern you for some reason.
Autumn will be very successful in financial terms for Leo women. Things will happen rather in ways unknown to you, not because of activity or pressure.

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