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Leo Spring Horoscope

For those born under the sign of Leo, spring is time to plan the family budget for summer. It will not be easy, because you will have a pretty costs but common sense, practicality and thrift will succeed.
This spring you will need to overcome problems or troubles related to travel or people who live far from you.
Whatever are the problems, you will have the opportunity for their beneficial or successful resolution.
Many of you are about to travel associated with certain setbacks or obstacles, but with success and with much emotion.
Problems at work or in your business can cause changes in your workplace or job position.
You can start looking for a new job, new clients and new opportunities.
Spring will be a relatively favorable time for your finances, especially for your family budget. A state of stability will result from the actions of other people: spouse, parents, and others.
There will be a chance of various changes related to your home.
Your love life will be dynamic, unstable, unpredictable or problematic.
Do not let any form of manipulation, insincerity, infidelity or lying affect you. 

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