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Leo Horoscope Summer 2017

During this summer you can expect an important event which will be associated with a man in your family: birthday, name day, anniversary, retirement, etc. 
For some, there may be a wedding related to a man from your friendship or family circle. 
In the summer you may be glad of the money for which you did not have hope, which can be connected to inheritance, connected with adult relatives, survivors and others. 
Overall, however, financially the tension during these months (June, July, and August) will be higher. Larger payments will easily cause conflicts, exchange of accusations, disputes, etc. 
In Leo singles, interesting developments may take place regarding the purpose of travel or meeting with a romantic partner. 
Of course what happens may be the opposite; you may meet someone who will come to meet you. 
During this summer you will have worries or care related to a child, changes in his life, health or other discomforts. 
It is not something that should be associated with panic; on the contrary! 
Development, regardless of what it is connected with, will be successful and for the good.... 
There will be a birth of a child after some problems and concerns. 
You can become overwhelmed emotionally and have feelings of offense, hurt, fear of unfulfilled promises, hopes, all given to you by a particular person.

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