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Leo Winter Horoscope

During this season (December, January and February), you can put to an end worries or concerns related to your own health or personal problems.
You will have opportunity to clear delicate situation, misunderstanding linked to a person from your family environment.
You will be able to achieve success in something you had strong concern, expectation in recent months.
Separation or uncomfortable event related to the young woman you had prior information.
For women 35 years of age, disappointment associated with a promise or hope that at least this winter will not be realized.
Wedding associated with boy or man who is your relative, friend, colleague or neighbor. You will receive invitation, the rest will be your own decision.
Acquisition in the home of the Leo men - household appliances, equipment, new furniture and more.
You will feel confused, deceived, misled by the actions or words of a person from your friendly environment, which will provoke you to a meeting and a conversation with this person.
In winter you will attend gathering or visit on troublesome or unwanted occasion.
If you have a child born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn try to unravel what is actually happening in his life and what lies behind his strange behavior or mood lately.
Unexpected stress, panic related with event or incident in the life of friends.

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