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Libra Spring Horoscope

Spring will be time to clarify the role of a girl or young woman in your life, whether she is your relative, friend, colleague and others.
Possible important to you events related to travel of a child or with a child who has living and studying / currently working away from you.
This Spring will bring you many surprises. There will be new hope for your future and new expectations.
You will undergo an interesting development in your relationships with people born under the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.
Luck will come to you in a certain situation, in implementing a plan or task.
Anxiety can create the health condition of the child, but without this being cause for panic. However, you will need some medication or a change of regime or lifestyle.
An important event or decision, change or new start connected will be connected with a daughter, grandchild or another young woman.
Expect important news, documents, contracts or proposals that will have a relationship with a woman from your family or professional environment.
Important news and information will come, mainly through the contacts you have with women from far and near.

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