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Libra Horoscope Summer 2017

During this summer you may create concerns about a child or grandchild who lives far from you. There will be worries related to their health, personal or professional problems. You will also have some concerns about a child or other young person who is traveling.
Now a lot of things will create concerns or discomfort, but more like internal thoughts rather than as something real in your life. 
It is better to look for ways to pacify or repress such concerns. 
The summer will bring many new meetings and dates for Libra men. Be careful, because behind each smile there is not always a good heart. Try to feel who is who, before the problem or dilemma occurs. 
This will be a very successful season professionally. It will not just be an increase in your income, but for greater satisfaction because of the volume of work that you will do as well as its quality. 
In some cases, there will be permanent, stable growth of income or salary. 
Soon you will be glad of something in the past you did not realize, even though you experienced some loss or failure. You will know that the blame for this was yours, because everything happens in its own time, not just following your desires. 
An important event in your home during these months (June, July, and August) will be connected with a young woman. 
It may be her personal celebration, engagement, wedding, return from travel, work or study in another city, country and so on.

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