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Libra Winter Horoscope

Libra women will have interesting expectations about their work this season. An event at your work place may surprise you or create favorable opportunities for you. 
You will be involved in events in the life of a man who is part of your family, but not your direct relative. There will be trouble in his life or troubles in your family involving events in his life.
Joyful news from afar or a phone call will be the root cause of a plan or an important or enjoyable travel in the winter. It is possible that you will welcome guests for a pleasant occasion, people who will come from another location in the country where you live.
Disclosure of an intrigue or hypocrisy will be the perfect opportunity to eliminate one person from your environment, as long you gather enough courage to do so. There may be circumstances that deter you from such action at this time.
Men will appreciate the realization of a plan or success through long labor into something after a period of worry and tension.
Winter can be remembered with useful and important purchases for home, extension to your property, a new car or other major asset for you.

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