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Pisces Horoscope Summer 2017

This summer, a woman from afar will be a factor in important events for you. It is possible for her to visit you. It is possible for you to visit this woman or have other common actions and interests.
There will be a likelihood of preparing for a future journey related to a woman.
This season will be a time of surprises and unexpected turnovers of events that you will initially assume are developing to your detriment or against you. The natural development of some things will now show you that someone else has their own plans for you and they are better than yours.
This summer you may experience events that are related to separation or divorce in the family or family of your friends, neighbors, colleagues. When I say parting, I mean separation for different reasons of life and they will not necessarily relate only to husband and wife. 
In the summer there will be an event related to a waiver or a wedding. A deferral will be due to a serious cause or changes of some kind.
You will be bored with unexpected spending or unexpected news of a financial nature, for which you will need time to check and consider better.
You will get unpleasant financial news about your relative or close friend.
There will be a conflict for a child or a grandchild. You will have contradictory or completely opposing views on an important issue for your future.
A small compromise will be made and a good solution will be found.
Expect a gathering or important event related to a man.
There will be a probable encounter for you with a man, which will be important, and you will be looking forward to or impatient.

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