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Pisces Winter Horoscope

Winter will be an important and beneficial season for you for harmonizing friendships and clearing of any tension or mistrust in them. 
There will be mutual aid, help in the difficult times.
An unexpected opportunity will arise for you precisely because of a friend with whom you recently had a bit of a complex relationship.
Keep household belongings, family secrets or plans from a man who has access to your home - a neighbor or relative, a frequent guest ....
New people will enter into your life as friends, relatives or new neighbors. There will be an interesting development, and you will have a difficult start, but a very stable relationship in the future with someone from your work environment.
Do not rush to form your opinion about a person who has yet to appear in your life this season (December, January and February).
There may be a concern about property, a car or property owned by your partner if you are married. Possibly there will be an occurrence of an accident, which will require costly repairs at the wrong time.
There will be a gathering or an unpleasant occasion which can cause problems in some dispute or conflict and you may exchange many unpleasant accusations. It is not necessarily for you to directly take part in this conflict; the likelihood for you to be just a witness is good.
A surprising event will be associated with the exit or departure of girl or young woman. She can be your relative, your colleague or partner. 

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