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Sagittarius Horoscope Summer 2017

This summer you will expect the fulfillment of a promise given to you by a relative or friend. It will be the basis for great success for you, starting a new project, business, changing the family for a nice, and so on.
This will be a strong season for Sagittarius men, who will be able to realize their original plans and expectations. 
Conflicts can occur if you listen to the gossip, intrigue, or false information that you think will affect you personally or concern a person from your family. 
The summer may delight you with unexpected money, with the possibility of better paid professional commitment, a new job and more. 
This can happen to your partner, and thus will reflect favorably on you too. 
You may experience trouble with a woman who will not be your relative; most likely she will be from among your friends, neighborhood or professional circle. 
During the summer you may want to make major purchase or investment for the home; you will definitely need to discuss this with your family before making any decision. 
You may acquire items or property from a relative on your side of the family or on the side of your spouse's family. 
The summer portends bad news which may come to you associated with a person or event in the country in which you live.

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