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Sagittarius Winter Horoscope

At the beginning of the season (December), a lot of families will again be scattered, separated for the holidays. This will not always be easy; sometimes moments of disagreement will occur, an attempt to change a situation or decision. 
Old concerns, unresolved issues or problematic relations will engage your attention from the first weeks of this season. You would want to finish some of them faster, at all costs and no matter whether you win or lose. 
In winter (December, January and February) many people will be traveling on business, with a particular purpose, for a few days, weeks or months. Soon you may achieve good success in work or business related travel in contact with people from afar. 
Sagittarius men will have a revival of projects and plans, which will create positive emotions, optimism and high hopes. 
There will be a resumption of contact with a man from another region, city or country. 
An important notice or news will arrive from a friend connected with a life change or event of crucial importance. 
You will receive an invitation for gathering for a particularly special occasion. 
An unexpected conversation or discussion, discussing something important will be related to money, financial documents and it will affect the chance, opportunity that quickly will have to be used, accepted, approved. 

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