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Scorpio Winter Horoscope

In this winter disputes and conflicts will often arise in your home and there will be more tension and nervousness in your relationships there. The good thing is that you or others will quickly realize a mistake and seek reconciliation. 
There may be a conflict over controversial property / domestic items, but on this issue you will find a friendly solution or compromise. 
During this season, good opportunities for higher income, extra money and an opportunity to favorably resolve a financial issue will be available for women over 35 years. 
You may be receiving money from a woman who will not surprise you. 
You can now expect other surprises related to a marriage or divorce in the family of people who are your relatives, friends or neighbors. 
Surprising news will come to you that will help to realize a desire connected to your own family. 
During these 3 months (December, January and February) you can expect someone from a previous time, although this figure does not create much in the way positive emotions in your home; it may not come to good. 
You can delay or postpone your trip due to events or circumstances related to another person, someone with whom you can travel or someone with whom you plan to go on a trip. 
This winter things may be disappointed by a friend for whom you expect to make major life decisions, something that will affect you in some way. 
You may be cheated or disappointed by the actions / promises of a friend / acquaintance in terms of a court case in which you participate.
Sudden, but short-term panic may arise in your workplace or in your business.  

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