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Taurus Spring Horoscope

Spring will be a time of conflict between you and someone else who also has a strong character and a sense of independence and desire for power over you. As a whole, this situation will not surprise you, but it will be good to touch up things before they have grown by storm.
Whatever unpleasant is the experience this month, the reason for this will be one: it is time for change and for cardinal decisions: in personal relationships, work or your social life.
If you are involved in a lawsuit before you is a difficult time, but still success is possible .
During this season, for many of you, there will arise concern, care and concern for  a man.
Events around your old love or former spouse will be an occasion for various engagements, conversations, meetings and more. In some cases, it may be possible to resume relations, but this will be one-sided and does not mean there will be acceptance on, the other side.
Spring is a time that will be remembered for successes in study, work or business either for you or someone in your family. In some cases, there will be success, the completion of a repair or construction will be satisfactory to you.
During the spring you will get bad news related to a separation in the family of your relatives or friends.

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