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Taurus Horoscope Summer 2017

During this summer you will be pleased because of a journey that may involve both work and pleasure. You can meet with people from your family or friends. 
During this season you will be delighted with good news, an invitation or a gift.
This summer you can expect important events or to start new activities. There will be a meeting or work with new people or changes in the workplace or in business. 
Now, you may want to try your luck, by applying for a new position. This will be a slow process or success, so be patient.
Taurus women will allow themselves to easily enter into conflicts and contradictions with people who are spiteful and vindictive. Think very carefully what kind of fire you are burning, where and with whom ...
In summer you may successfully sell lumber or property that you do not use. Payment in such a deal, however, will be slow, in parts or involving other conditions. 
There will be a gathering at your home or the home of your parents, for which you will have a special purpose. 
There will be an important meeting with an woman of your family, with whom you will discuss urgent family or property issues / problems.
You will receive news or invitation for engagement or wedding from friends, neighbors, colleagues or relatives of your spouse. 
During this summer you will be part of important events in the life of a friend or your friend`s family. 

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