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Taurus Winter Horoscope

During this winter you will need to allow the development of love and emotional problems. Be cautious as to your aspirations for one person, and be beware of the ambition of someone who wants to be with you. Be careful what you say, what you promise, whom you trust and with whom you will associate.
There may be conflict with a woman connected with money, who considers it her own or she may has rights to control these resources. This winter do not rely on financial support from a woman.
With young men who have potential health ailments: disorders may arise due to your mistakes or inaction, which will affect your physical and mental health.
A theft which is considered well hidden will come to light and will create many problems.
News or an invitation, an offer or information from a person whom you know can be your long-awaited chance for action, progress and growth.
You will need to deal with an engagement or problem with a document.
You will have joyful moments with friends. You will enjoy new dating, mainly with people who have the same interests and goals as you.
There will be a joyful gathering associated with a person from your family environment.
During the winter, you may leave work due to the expiration of your employment contract, or you might go a long term leave or move to a new job.
Professionally, this season will be unstable and characterized by uncertainty due to various reasons. You may have concerns both about your current position and your too high expectations for a new post.

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