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Virgo Horoscope Autumn 2017

If you were born under the sign of Virgo this autumn, you can expect unforeseen events related to people in your professional circle. Most likely they will find you unprepared. They will bring some confusion to your plans. Unfortunately, emotionally, they will create tension and discomfort.
It is now possible to experience sadness or regret due to their leaving or moving. There are possible events involving loss of customers, termination of a contract or new engagement.
In autumn, avoid spending money or making plans for purchases or investments. Now your expected or promised money will be delayed over time.
You may find yourself guilty of a money-related problem.
An important role in your life in the autumn will be played by a man with whom you have a professional relationship or a general, public, political work. 
Expect new people to appear at your workplace. New customers or business partners are also available.
Avoid unnecessary conversations with neighbors because for some reason they will show unnecessary curiosity about your home affairs and relationships.
Autumn portends for single Virgo men new love, flirtation or an intimate affair.

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