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Virgo Horoscope Summer 2017

During the summer there will be joy in your home or in your family connected with the birth of a girl, the birthday/engagement or the wedding of a daughter, granddaughter, niece or another young female in your immediate surroundings. 
The summer will create tension and conflict in your love life. In most cases, this will involve a loss of trust, with unfulfilled promises or uncertainty in the actions and objectives of the partner. Events will force you to bring order to this important part of your life. 
On the one hand, soon you can expect good news of a financial nature concerning the receipt of money by document, contract, agreement, etc.. On the other hand, you will have trouble dealing with money, because of, for example, higher utility bills or the unreasonable spending of money on less important things. 
You can expect guests to visit, but it will be because of some particular and serious reason concerning something that did not take place. 
There will be a gathering of people associated with something like a wake or memorial service, celebrating a special event associated with a person or entity who is not among the living. 
If you can engage in a deal involving a property problem with someone outside the home and family, then expect sudden actions and decisions that definitely will not be in your favor, or at least that in some way will cause a loss. 
A missed chance of your past now will engage your attention once again, and you will willingly attempt to realize it in some form. This will be something very serious that you really will do well to consider.

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