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Virgo Winter Horoscope

During this winter (December, January and February) you can experience an emotional stress associated with a fraud, artifice, manipulation, which will lead to strong and unpleasant conflict. This can largely determine both your personal future and the future of your certain personal, family or professional relationships.
You'll be glad of the money, a document of a financial nature or proposal, which had a slow development before reaching to you officially.
You can find forgotten money or get money with delay due to various reasons.
Expect major events related to a person from your family or friendly environment, who lives in another place or country.
In some cases, you can travel to meet / visit of such a person.
In this season, you will be invited to at least one friendly gathering, as for this will be determined, positive occasion.
Visit at the invitation or obligation of the person from your family/relative environment.
For Virgo men may arise unpleasant situation related to money, such as theft, loss, unwise spending on gambling and other pleasures.
Gemini may be forced now to help someone who will be in serious need of money.
Unexpected news or an event related to maternity, childbirth and others. Possible your own child to surprise you with some news. 

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