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Cancer Weekly Horoscope 11 - 17 September 2017

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this week many will have to make a decision or give a reply about a love affair or a romantic suggestion.
The week will require that you pay more attention to a woman who is your relative. She probably does not live in your home.
Many of those born under Cancer Zodiac will be able to expect a pleasant event at home. 
This week you can expect a solution to a material or property problem. It is possible to obtain a document of this nature through some institution, bank, tax or legal entity.
In your work you will have a successful week, especially if it is related to production, commerce and goods.
You will consider very carefully news, information, or suggestions that you will suspect of being fake, manipulative, deceptive.
You will follow closely a gossip or an intrigue, somewhat also for personal interest. 
Unexpected, unpleasant news will be related to someone you know through your circle of relatives, friends or colleagues.
Do not waste money on things that you are not sure about or that you do not really need.
This week will be loaded for Cancer men. You will have more commitments, but positive emotions will be greater or more. Some of you may engage in temporary or part-time work to earn extra money.
Cancer women will buy something for their home, for convenience or for pleasure. During the week, avoid engaging with strangers or traveling to unknown places.

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 September 2017

If you were born under the sign of Cancer, the surprise for you this week will be related to an unexpected chance, an opportunity to solve your problem. Now in one way or another, you will get the opportunity for personal or professional success. Think more, but do more - do not waste time!
This week, be open to any news, information, and suggestions coming from near or far.
Financial relationships are likely with someone in your circle of friends who will be in your favor or interest.
You can remember the week with one important, fateful event for your home. 
During the week, you can experience an interesting event about your old work, old colleagues and everything, something that has remained in the past. The specific surprise will now be to re-establish contacts and, in some cases, to a new engagement.
An unexpected decision to leave or change your current job may be due to a new situation in your life or where you work. 
The sadness that some of you are experiencing now is temporary and will pass. There will be a reason to rejoice, reassure, hope.
Cancer men will now come out of a period of depression, uncertainty, fear, anxiety. The week indicates the occurrence of a favorable event or a new opportunity.
Cancer women will be able to acquire any property irems, property or any other benefit due to the extravagance of someone else. So instead of them winning, you will win.